Why is it so hard to cancel Planet Fitness membership

Best Answer:
  1. If you want to cancel your Planet Fitness membership.
  2. You need to send a letter to the company.
  3. It must be written on the companys letterhead.
  4. Include your account number, date of birth, and signature.

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership


How do I write a letter to cancel my membership?

I would like to cancel my membership with your company.
Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

How long does it take to cancel Planet Fitness membership?

Planet Fitness is a gym that offers low-cost memberships with no contracts, meaning you can cancel your membership at any time. To cancel your membership, go to the Planet Fitness website and click on Cancel Membership in the footer.

Why does Planet Fitness make it so hard to cancel?

Planet Fitness is a chain of gyms that has locations all over the world. They offer low-cost memberships and are known for their no judgment policy. This is why they make it so hard to cancel your membership because they dont want you to leave.
Planet Fitness has been around since 1992, but only became popular in 2006 when they started opening up more locations.

How do I cancel my gym membership politely?

If you have a contract for a year or more, you may need to give notice of at least 30 days. If youre not sure, its a good idea to call the gym and ask.
The best way to cancel is in person, but if thats not possible, call or email them. When you do this, be polite and thank them for their service.

Does Planet Fitness have cancellation fees?

Planet Fitness is a gym chain that does not charge for membership cancellation. There are no penalties for canceling your membership, so you can cancel at any time.

Where do I send my cancellation letter to Fitness Connection?

You can send your cancellation letter to Fitness Connection at the following address:
Fitness Connection, Inc.

How do I cancel membership?

If you wish to cancel your membership, please call the phone number on the back of your membership card.

Can I freeze my Planet Fitness membership?

Yes, you can freeze your Planet Fitness membership. This is a great way to save money on your membership if you are not going to be using it for a while.
You can freeze your Planet Fitness membership by calling their customer service line and requesting that they do so. They will then issue you with a temporary card that will work until the next time you decide to use your membership again.

Does Planet Fitness do military discount?

Planet Fitness does not offer a military discount.

Does Planet Fitness have a sauna?

Yes, Planet Fitness has a sauna.
Planet Fitness offers a variety of amenities to their members. They have a sauna on site for those who need to sweat out some toxins. The sauna is heated with infrared heaters and is available at all times, even when the gym is closed.