Why cant I check for updates on my Vizio TV?


How To Update Your Vizio Smart TV

Whether you've purchased a new Vizio smart TV or just looking to become more familiar with how it works, here's how to search for and apply an update.

Just like any device, Vizio smart TVs receive regular updates that can either add new features or make the existing experience even smoother. Occasionally, larger updates will roll out that greatly improve the experience overall and therefore, ensuring your Vizio smart TV is currently running the latest software version is an important task.

Besides the new features and user improvements that are applied with a new update, another important reason to keep any device up to date is the security. Many software versions become a target and the older the software is, the more likelihood that there are additional vulnerabilities that could be overcome simply by updating the operating system. As a result, and whether its a Vizio smart TV or now, it is always a good idea to be familiar with your devices updating process, and make sure the device is ready to receive an update when ones available.

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Vizio is a popular option when it comes to buying a smart TV in the United States and this is often due to the combination of a decent picture quality at a competitive price. However, unlike many other TVs, those new to Vizio may find the software experience is a little different to what they are used to with a Samsung or LG TV, or one thats powered by a third-party platform, such as Android TV, Fire TV, and Roku OS. This can also mean navigating the user interface and updating the TV can also be a new experience.Here's how to search for an update on a Vizio smart TV.

Updating A Vizio Smart TV Manually

While some TV owners might find their model requires slightly different instructions or navigation, the process should generally be the same. To manually search for and activate an operating system update on a Vizio smart TV, press the menu key on the TVs remote and then navigate to Settings, and then select System from the available options. In the System section, TV owners will see one of the top options is listed as Check for Updates and selecting this will instruct the TV to manually see if one is available. If an update is found, the Vizio smart TV will begin to download the new software version (you may have to confirm you want to proceed with the download) and once finished, the TV will restart to complete the process.

If there is no "Check for Updates" option in the settings menu then it may be the case that the TV model doesn't support manual updates. In these instances, the user will have to wait for the company to automatically roll out the latestversion directly to the TV. Regardless of whether manual updates are supported or not, under the same System section is another option labeled System Information. This is a good place to check what version of the software is currently running on the TV and use that information to check against the latest version available on the Vizio website. This can make it easier to determine if you should be expecting a Vizio smart TV update anytime soon.

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