Why are my eyes still blurry and sun sensitive after 2 months of cataract surgery


Blurred vision can result from several factors:

  • Lens error. Based on your great vision of 20/25 this is unlikely to be the case.
  • Dry eyescan contribute significantly to blurred vision and glare at night. We recommend artificial tears such as Systane or Refresh tears 3-4 times per day or as directed by your ophthalmologist.
  • Blurred vision can also be a direct result from swelling in the retina, which usually occurs a few weeks after cataract surgery in rare cases. Given your great level of visual acuity of 20/25which is just one line away from 20/20thats unlikely.

Glare can be present even after cataract surgery and tends to decrease over time. Glare can be seen with multifocal lenses and even non-multifocal lenses. After cataract surgery with multifocal lenses some patients may even need a pair of glasses at night and/or for reading to achieve best vision. The duration of these symptoms can vary greatly depending on each patients unique circumstance. Speak with your ophthalmologist for more information.