What makes an employment contract legally binding UK?

The gig economy has become a well-known term in recent years with the rise of companies such as Uber, Deliveroo and Hermes.

At the moment, most people in the gig economy are classified as self-employed and have no legal right to in-work benefits.

However, a number of court cases have ruled this kind of employment should fall under worker status.

Worker employment status is like an employee and entitles you to basic in-work rights, such as paid holiday and National Minimum Wage.

Depending on your employer, you might also be entitled to statutory sick, maternity, paternity and adoption pay.

But, this doesnt apply to all gig economy workers and many of these cases are under appeal.

If you work in the gig economy and are interested in trade union support, you can join the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB).