What are the four pies?

The Four'n Twenty pie was created in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia by Leslie Thompson McClure in 1947.[5] Initially called the Dad & Dave Pie after the name of his cafe, McClure renamed the pie using the nursery rhyme suggestion from an employee.[4] At that time, production was around 50 pies per day.[1]

McClure took a sampling of his pies to the Royal Melbourne Agricultural Show, where they proved very popular. Increasing demand for the pie caused McClure to open a bakery in a pavilion of the showgrounds in 1949, then a factory in nearby Union Road, Ascot Vale in 1953,[5] and eventually a larger factory in Kensington.[2]

In 1960, McClure sold his stake in Four'n Twenty to the Victorian arm of Peters Ice Cream.[5] Peters' subsequent owner, Pacific Dunlop, sold the brand to Simplot in 1995,[6] and Simplot in turn sold Four'n Twenty and several other bakery brands to Patties Foods in 2003.[2] Patties expanded their Bairnsdale manufacturing facility and consolidated Four'n Twenty production into it, closing the Kensington plant.[2] The new plant can produce 21,000 pies per hour, 24 hours per day.[1]

In 2006, the brand announced that the Four'n Twenty pie would be sold on the American market.[7]

In 2017, to celebrate Four'n Twenty's 70th anniversary, the brand launched the Four'n Twenty Cheese and Vegemite Pie.[8]

Later in 2017, Four'n Twenty launched the Topper, a crispy breaded pocket with lasagna, macaroni and cheese, or chicken cordon bleu fillings.[9]

On April 21st 2019, Four'N Twenty launched its brand of meat pies in Japan, with a FourN Twenty Day celebration at the World Beer Museum in Tokyo.


In 2020, Four'n Twenty introduced a Vegan friendly meat-free pie to the market, said to have the same "taste, texture and flavour" as the original.