Real Estate money club Reviews

January 29th, 9-3 ONLINE
Hands-on Workshop:
How to Analyze Leads from Your Desktop, Fast,
and Get More Deals

Spend a Saturday learning how to QUICKLY get the information you need from sellers, figure out what a property is worth, what it will rent for, what the repair costs are likely to be, whether it has code violations, tax liens, and mortgagesand to get back to a seller with a soft offer faster than your competitors can!


Because in a low-inventory, high-competition market, you need to be quick and good at making offers (and confident about moving on, when theres no deal to be made).

This hands-on workshop will make you better than 95% of your competitors at this important part of the offer-making process, or your money back. Get the full agenda AND YOUR ZOOM LINKHERE.

Tuesday, February 1stIN PERSON
How to Build a Big Rental Portfolio FAST plus How to Market Your Rentals to Get the Residents You Want, Fill Vacancies Quickly (and Not Break the Law)

No matter where youre starting today, the end goal of real estate investing is massive, passive incomeand the most tried and true way to get that is owning rentals.

At our February 1stmeeting (which is open to the public and to you, no matter what your level of knowledge or experience), weve got real-life investors talking about how to build a big portfolio fast, even if youre starting with no money or credit, and how to best market your rentals to get quick rent ups to the best applicants (and how to advertise WITHOUT breaking federal or city laws)

Join us by pre-registering here; members and first-time guests are always free, and repeat guests are only $35 (which is silly to pay, since you can join for a full month and get access to 14 other, members-only meetings in February for just $25 HERE)

The full agenda and your chance to reserve your seat is HERE.

Thursday, February 17th Zoom Meeting
How to Talk to Sellers About Financing Their Properties for You,
and How to Write Purchase Contracts for Creative Deals Hands-on Workshop

If youre not asking sellers to carry payments when you buy their properties, youre missing out on a great (no-qualifying, often low interest and low down payment) creative way to do more deals. Our presenter has made himself an expert on how to introduce the idea of seller financing to sellers, their objections (and how to overcome them), and how to negotiate terms that make it a win-win for you and the seller.

At the 6:00 early workshop, well give you a purchase agreement and show you how to fill in the blanks when writing offers to sellers for seller-carryback financing, subject to deals, and more.

Get the whole agenda and your link HERE.

You need a community of like-minded investors more than ever...
And We're Here for You!

It's an interesting time to be a real estate investor...lots of challenges to deal with and lots of opportunities to grab.

Our members have...well, THOUSANDS of years of combined experience in 'good' markets and 'bad', and we're working day and night to make sure you get the information you need to survive and thrive in the current crazy climate...

Plus, we know how much you value NETWORKING with like-minded people, so...

COREE's meetings are both live and online, including our regular 1st Tuesday of the month meetings, and our AWESOME members-only focus groups.

If you're a member, you'll get links and passwords to all of our focus group meetings, regular meetings, and special meetings via email, so make sure we have your BEST email.

If you're not a member, become one! ClickHEREfor our inexpensive, satisfaction guaranteed membership options.

Wherever you are in the world or in your career, you're welcome!

COREE: A Community Just for You!

We're More Than Just a "Real Estate Investors Association":We're a CommunityOFReal Estate Entrepreneurs,FORReal Estate Entrepreneurs!

Central Ohio Real Estate Entrepreneurs is the Columbus area's largest, fastest-growing, most excited and exciting community of real estate investors, landlords, wholesalers, retailers, creative buyers, lease/option aficionados and more.

Our community is open to new and experienced wealth builders who value:

  • The immense local, in-the-trenches knowledge and experience contained within our community
  • Both introductory and in-depth training on a variety of potential strategies
  • Education about tactics AND ethics, hows AND whys, benefits AND risks
  • Sharing resources from knowledge to referrals with fellow members
  • The support and confidence that a group of like-minded, prosperity-focused can give you in starting or growing your real estate business

    Yes, COREE gives you tons of money-making, locally-based education about how to make more money in real estate investing. But what's REALLY valuable is the sense of community you get with other Columbus-area rental property owners, wholesalers, retailers, note investors, and the people who provide services to them.

Got questions about neighborhoods? Need contractor recommendations? Have a deal to sell, or need to buy one? Need to learn to do your first deal, or to build your little real estate business into a big one? Or just want to hang with awesome people who believe as strongly as you do that real estate investing is an awesome business?

Ourmain meetings are open to the public and your first meeting is always FREE;download a first-time guest pass to our nextmain meeting by clickinganymain meeting announcementin the right column.

Join us and see...COREE is a community you can't do without!

Check out what you missed by NOT being a member...

Wednesdays, December 1st-January 26th
7:00 to 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time
FREE Online Creative Deal School!
with Bill Cook and Vena Jones-Cox

When we heard about this, we just HAD to let you in on it

Mega-creative dealmakers Vena Jones-Cox and Bill Cook are teaching an 8-week, online series of workshops to increase your understanding of the whys and how-tos of Creative Finance deals, ranging from getting owner financing to working creatively with partners and private lenders.

These arent your basic Whats a subject to? Whats a lease/option? kinds of workshops; theyre hyper-focused on making sure you have the skillsand inspirationyou need to actually DO them.

If you know something about why creative deal structures are so profitableespecially in a market where ALL the prices are too high and where competition is fierce, this series is definitely for you, because youll get actionable advice on how to get out there and actually DO them.

See the whole amazing agenda and get your link to register (did we mention its FREE?)HERE.

Thursday, January 20thOnline Meeting:
Experienced Members Reveal What Theyll Do in 22,
plus a Hands-On How to Find Property Value Workshop for Beginners

Far and away the best way to learn the strategies that work best right now is to ask the people whove been flipping, renting, and financing real estate and notes for decadesand who are still actively in the market, day in and day out, right now.

At this online meeting, weve brought together a panel of our most experienced, market-savvy members from all over the U.S. to reveal how and where theyll be finding, evaluating, and financing deals this year, and what they plan to do with them once they find them. Theyll also answer your questions about their strategies, so grab this opportunity to learn from their accumulated wisdom.

The 6 p.m. early bird workshop is a hands-on (youll be working on your own computer, alongside the instructor) walk through on how to look at comparable sales to come up with that all-important after-repaired value for an investment property, so that you can make the right offer the first time.

This meeting is open to everyone whos in, or wants to be in, the 22 real estate market; whether youre new and experienced, and investor or a flipper, youll take away tons of actionable advice!

Get the agenda and your link to join inHERE.

Saturday, January 15th,
9 a.m.-3 p.m. Eastern, ONLINE
Hands-on Workshop: How to Create Your 12-Month,
Real Estate Success plan with Damon Remy

Your best 2022in terms of profits, efficiency, andtime to do what you loveisnt going to come from just setting goals.

Its going to start with a real vision

Move on to a detailed, actionable map of key activities

And systems to make sure those activities are actually done

And developing a team of people who support, help, and encourage you.

Dont waste another year living your less-than-best personal and business life; take a day to learn about and MAKE a success plan that makes you richer and happier in 2022.

Get the details and registerHERE.

Tuesday, January 4thIn-Person Meeting:
How to Stop Working a Real EstateJob
and Start Running a Real EstateBusiness,
plus The Strategies that are Working Best in 2022

Kick your 2022 off right by learning what it takes to build a real estate business, with a cohesive vision, action plan, and systems and people to make it less chaotic and more of a profitable, well-oiled machine. If you believe that a real business is one that can increasingly run without YOU doing all the work, youll want to be here to see how that looks in the real estate world.

If you believe that a realbusinessis one that can increasingly run without YOU doing all the work, youll want to be here to see how that looks in the real estate world.

The 6 p.m. early bird workshop is an analysis of strategies that are working best in the current Columbus market and those that have become more challenging due to economic, inventory, financing, and labor issues; its a great way to make decisions about what you want to do more of, and less of, in the coming year.

Our in-person meetings are open to anyone with a serious interest in making money in real estate investing in the Greater Columbus area; youll find them educational, fun, and packed with the most helpful, supportive, excited real estate entrepreneurs youll ever meet.Members and first-time guests are always free. If youre a returning guest, meetings are $35, which is silly to pay, since membership is only $25 a monthHERE.

Get the full agenda (including the networking/free dinner hour at 5) and reserve your seatHERE.

December 7th
Food, Fun, (& Maybe Some Fighting),
and Youre Invited!

Its time for our biggest, most networking-est meeting of the year: the COREE Real estate Entrepreneur Holiday Party!

Well have food (a full-on Holiday Buffet!), fun (hanging out with the most excited, active group of real estate entrepreneurs in Ohio!), and fighting (over who has the bestand worstdeal of the year), and wed love to see you there!

Members AND guests are welcomethe more the merrier (until we fill up, which will be soon).

We DO need your RSVP, thoughdo thatAT THIS LINK, where youll also get a full agenda for the evenings festivities!

November 18th on Zoom
Learn to Market Better
AND Get Inspired to Do Your First
No-Banks-Involved, Creative Deal

Month after month, COREEis here to educate, inspire, and support you with the best real-life real estate investing education and connections with the best, most helpful community of down-to-earth real estate entrepreneurs on the planet.

On November 18th, youre invited to join us on Zoom for networking and real talk about how to get into Creative Buying of properties (you know, the deals where the owner finances them, or a partner finances them)andhow to be better at marketing to sellers, buyers, tenants, and more than your competitors are.

Members and first-time guests attend FREE; repeat guests are $35 (or you can justjoinfor $25 a month, then take advantage of our 2 main meetings, 10 focus groups and weekly haves and wants meetings at no additional cost).

Get your link for this skill-building, money-making meetingHERE!

November 2ndIn-Person and On Zoom
The 7 Best Ways to Find Off-Market Deals Today
Hands-On Deal Structuring Workshop

Yes, its OREIA Summit week (youre registered, right?OREIAConvention.comif youre not), and YES, were still meeting on Tuesday (and were WAY gonna make it worth your time to be there, with incredible experts helping you build your deal-finding and deal-making skills just when you most need them)

Join us on November 2 whenweve got uber investor, real estate goddess, and COREE's very own...Vena Jones-Cox sharing her top tips on how to find off-market deals when inventory is low andBill Cook, one of the best deal structurers in the business, to guide us through a hands-on and eye-opening workshop!

Members and first-time guests are free; clickHEREto register, orHEREto discover the reams of benefits that come with being a member (and how cheap it is to join!)

October 21st, Online:
How Congress is About to Shut Down Your Business
(and what you can do about it)
The (money-making) Business of Housing Seniors

Were opening up our October 21stzoom meeting to EVERYONEbecause the topic is so important that everyone in the real estate business needs to know about it, and act on it.

Unless we can do something about it, and soon, Congress will pass a bill that makes it much, much harder to invest YOUR retirement funds in real estate deals, and for your colleagues to help fund YOUR deals.

Were going to talk about what the bill says, how it will shut down much of the funding in the small real estate business, and what action you need to take now to try to stop it.

And because we all want to know how about niche markets that help us build our wealth with less competition WHILE solving a piece of the housing crisis, well ALSO have an early session about the business of providing senior living options using the single family homes you already know and love.

Get the whole agenda and your linkHERE.

Monday nights, Sept. 13th-October 18th
We ALL Need a Crystal Ball Right Now--
And OREIAs Got the Next Best Thing:

Whats Working Today and What to Do in 22
6 Monday nights with the top experts in flipping, apartment investing, creative finance, retirement plan investing, deal-finding, and the future of the market


Its been an interesting year, with seemingly-unending inventory, housing, labor and materials shortages, constant new government regulation, and skyrocketing house prices.

Real estate investors whove been able to adapt have had banner years; those that havent are still struggling to make old strategies work in the new normal.

Plus, in case you havent heard, EVERYONE thinks were in for a re-set in the real estate market; but the question is, WHEN? Andhow do we prepare for it?

The best way to understand whats working now and what were likely to see in the next few years is to talk toactive investors who have decades of experience in their fieldsand who have already lived through hot markets and recessionary onesand thats exactly who were calling on for this 6-week series of online discussions.

Heres the High-Level Overview:

  • You should DEFINITELY attend if you value the opinions and experienced advice of people who are in the market today, and who have decadesof accomplishment (and probably a few scars) to back up their input
  • Each week features a different high-level expert or panel on a different strategy; attend all of them, or just the ones that will most benefit your particular business;this linkwill take you to the detailed schedule
  • You dont have to register for each of the sessionsindividually; just clickHEREand youll be registered for the whole series
  • You dont have to attend live(though thats the best strategy, since thats when youll have the chance to ask questions); a link for the recorded version will go out to all attendees the next day, and will be available to hear for a full week.
  • These arent sales pitches for home study courses; these experts will be giving their best advice and guesses about whats next, NOT their courses (though we wouldnt be surprised if you were ALSO encouraged to attend the awesome OREIA National Real Estate Summit in November)

Listening to what smart people have to say is just smart; since this series is free and open to the public, it just makes sense to registerHERE, now!

October 16th(Cincinnati)
All-day workshop (9 am-5pm)
Live or Simulcast
Robyn Thompson Tells You
How Turn Unwanted Houses into
Quick Cash (or Income, if thats What You Want)

So Cheap We Hesitate to Tell You the Price

Robyn Thompson is SOOOOO Good, and her topics (How to find junker houses, make the right offer, find the money to buy and fix them, find the contractors to fix them right the first time, get them sold fast, and when you shouldnt even think about selling them) are SOOOO hot that people are asking us why its so CHEAP.

Its only $47 for members for both days ($97 for non-members) because we make it as affordable as possible for as many people as possible in a market thats insane and changing by the dayand thats less than the BONUSES shes giving out to early registrants are worth

So justGET A SEAT, k?

A more complete list of what shell cover and the bonuses shell give you when you register NOW isHERE(for the October 16thall-day class in Cincinnati or online)

Tuesday, October 5th, in-person or live streamed
Wanna Flip Houses?
This Night is ALL for You

Retailingthats flipping houses, if youre an HGTV fanis a tried-and-true way of putting big checks in your bank account: but ONLY if you know which houses to buy, how find them, how to get the money, how to get the contractors, and what TODAYS buyers want in a rehab.

On October 5th, were cramming as much of that as we can into one evening, with a visit by the Queen of Rehab to share what SHES doing right now to deal with the challenges and grab the opportunities available in the 2021 market, plus a meet the money marketplace for hard money lenders to network with potential borrowers.

Its guest night, so members AND guests attend for free. Get your ticket for the in person meeting or your link for the simulcastHERE.

Robyn Thompson

October 2nd, 9 am-2 pm ONLINE
Calling Everyone Who Wants to Own
Profitable Short Term Rentals
(But Doesnt Know How)
(Or Doesnt Have the Money!)

Our first (detailed, cheap) Saturday training for October is How to Start and Scale an AirBnB Business with MeiLani Hockwho started her short term rental business using OTHER PEOPLES PROPERTIES and has built that into a full-time income in just a few years.

If youre looking for some intense training on how to find, evaluate, control, and run short-term rentals without a bunch of money, youll love this, and you wont even have to leave home to go to it.

GoHEREto get the details and registerand yes, it will be recorded and all registrants will get those recordings the their permanent real estate libraries!

Sept. 11th(in person in Cincinnati or Simulcast)
Alternative Date Sept. 25th(in person or via Simulcast)
Properties this Big Deserve a Training this Big:
How to Buy Your First (or Next) Apartment Building
with Anthony Chara

Buying apartment buildings that generate tens of thousands a year in income isnt harder than buying a single family home that generates a lot less, but it IS different. Come learn all the basics of what youll need to know, do, and gather to do YOUR first apartment deal at this all-day workshop. Get the details and your seat (or Zoom link,

Youll learn a lot about how to find and evaluate deals, ways to get money to buy apartments, and lost more. if you prefer to attend remotely) HEREfor the September 11th Cincinnati event, orHEREfor the September 25thColumbus event.

Thursday September 16thONLINE
Women WhoRockthe Real Estate World
+ AirBnbs Without So Much Cash

Were ALWAYS your go-to source for the people, information, and inspiration you need to thrive in the real estate market marketand at this weeks meeting, we've got it all...

A panel ofexperienced woman rehabbers, wholesalers, landlords, creative buyers, and more will prove it; theyll discuss what women do BETTER than men (listen up guys, you can learn a lot from their methods), give you perspective on some of the challenges of being a gal in the business, and, of course, field your questions about how to be successful at the strategies they do every day.

If you come early, you can build relationships in our Zoom networking rooms at 5, orhear how to build a STR business without a bunch of money or credit at6. Register to get your link (or a free first-time guest pass)HERE.

Tuesday, September 7th, in-person or simulcast
Why Buy Houses when You Can Buy Apartments?
(Yes, YOU.)

This meeting will be a big one for folks who want to make real estate their full-time gig, fast.

Since ONE big apartment building, bought right, can replace your entire income, its time to expand your thinking from I need to buy x single family homes to get the cash flow I need to How can I buy a big apartment building, when I dont have a zillion dollars to buy a big apartment building?

Well tackle this topic from TWO anglesa member who actually DID it will walk through
how, then National Expert (and COREE favorite) Anthony Chara will share the big picture of how to get started investing in apartments, even if youre pretty new to the real estate business.

Youre welcome to attend (and youll learn a lot) whether youre already in real estate, or just starting to get interested. Members and first-time guests are FREE (RSVP to attend live or online, or download your free guest passHERE), repeat guests are $35, or you can just joinHEREand get all the benefits of membership (like our monthly apartments focus group, for instance).


Pete Fortunato, Creative Deal-Making GENIUS
2-Day Deals without Dollars Workshop

Yep, you read that right; weve dragged Pete Fortunato out of Florida for a super-rare Midwest appearance, and its ALL ABOUT how to create the relationships, resources, and knowledge you need to buy long-term, cash-flowing investments without moneyor banks.

If you already know Pete, you already know youre going to sign upHERE; if not, go there anyway and find out why you NEED to be at this workshop.

August 19th ONLINE:
Million Dollar Earners Share
How Theyd Do it Again
If They Lost it All Tomorrow
(Plus a the Anatomy of a Crazy Creative Swap Deal)

Here at COREE, we talk about all sorts of strategies for building wealthbutif you want to know the practicalities of how to build it as fast as possible, with as few useless detours and wasted energy as possible, this is your meeting.

A panel of our most experienced endersthe folks who are already where you want to bewill talk about what theyd do to make a million dollars in 2 years if they lost EVERYTHING except their knowledge.

In other words, theyll be showing you, from the vantage point of decades of experience, exactly what YOU need to be spending your time on if YOU want to build your business and assets fast.

If you come early, you can build relationships in our Zoom networking rooms at 5, or listen in on the details of a swap deal at 6, too. Register to get your link (or a free first-time guest pass)HERE.

August 3rd, Live:
The 2021Greater Columbus Real Estate Investing Expo
Free and Open to the Public!

Get face-to-face with the people and companies that you need to start or grow your real estate investing business!

The greater Columbus areas premier expo and trade show introduces you to the people and resources you need to start or grow your own real estate investing business! Meet dozens of like-minded local investors and flippers, plus dozens of investor-friendly lenders, suppliers, professionals, title companies, and even find notes and deals for sale!

Its free for members and guests,justpre-register HERE

Saturday, July 31st9 am-2 pm eastern
Keep Your Rehabs and Turnovers
with this Pro Tool

Most of the big, profit-busting problems you hear about in rehabs can be avoided simply by having a super-clear agreement with the contractors before work starts.

But a super-clear agreement means having a detailed scope of work that includes a breakdown of what work is being done, what each item costs (so that when one changes, the whole budget doesnt change), whos doing it

If you EVER do (or plan to do) rehabs or even big rental turnovers, its worth a day of your time to learn how to do these scopes of works, since theyll potentially save you over and over againand we have the cheap, guaranteed, one-day workshop thats going to do that for youHERE.

July 15th,Online
Peek into the Future of
Tax Law, Retirement Plans, and Asset Protection
AND of What that Rental is Going to Generate

If you know tax attorney and IRA expert John Hyre, you know he has opinionsand if you know him well, you know that theyre worth listening to. Hes online at this meeting to tell us whats already happened to tax laws, asset protection, and privacy and what he expects next, plus answer your questions

and when you come to our early workshop, youll get a hands-on lesson on how to calculate rental returns BEFORE you make that offer

If youre serious about investing in real estate (whether youre new at it or an old pro), youre welcome. Go rightHEREto register for your link.

Saturday, July 10th10 am-3 pm eastern
Want More Money to Buy and Rehab Deals?
Impress the Socks off
Private Lenders and Banks
with Your Own Credibility Kit

Heres a detailed, tools-included workshop youll want for your permanent library:

Adeep dive into what goes into a making private lenders, partners, and banks WANT to work with you, and how to put that information together in a way thats easy for money people to say yes to.

Its super-cheap and money-back guaranteed,and if you register NOW, you even get a second skill-building class absolutely free; clickHEREto get all the details!

Thursday, July 1st,OnlineLets Make a Deal Night!

Whats more American than baseball, hotdogs, and apple pie?

Networking, deal making, and CASH PRIZES, thats what.

Well spend the evening building relationships, making creative deals, and learning.

EVERYONE is welcome; members and first time guests are free. Get the agenda and registerHERE.

Thursday June 17thONLINE
Why Notes are the Best Investment
+ Why Youre Probably Breaking the Law When You Cold Call

The nations most active, supportive, all-about-you real estate association brings you an evening that might just save you millions in federal fines, or completely change your mind about whether you actually want real estateat all.

Youre all about getting the blunt truth right? Cause weve got a heaping serving of it for you at this meeting.

Oh, and youll also have the change to build some great relationships with great colleagues from all over the U.S., to boot

GoHEREto get the full agenda, and your link to join in

Saturday, June 12th9 am-3pm easternONLINE
Finally, a Complete Step-by-Step Walkthrough
of What it Takes to Make Money in
Wholesaling Today

Youve read the books, youve watched the YouTube videos, and youre STILL not sure what the exact path is from where you are right now to your next wholesale check

Weve got you: heres the step-by-step, no-BS guide to exactly what you need to know to find, and what work goes into, a wholesale deal (and the things you should absolutely AVOID doing, unless you just enjoy spinning your wheels and not getting paid for it).

Its taught by Vena Jones-Cox (a 25 year veteran of the wholesale game), its awesome, and its been the launching pad for a LOT of successful wholesaling careers over the years.

Weve negotiated a $50 discount for our membersits just $47 for members, $97 for non-members with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. ClickHEREfor the agenda and to register.

Tuesday June 1st, In Person or Via Zoom
How Wholesalers are Making Money in this Crazy Market
Plus a Primer on Getting Seller Financing
(and yes, youre welcome!)

Join the most excited, active, supportive group of real-life real estate entrepreneurs youll ever meet on June 1stfor an evening of networking, relationship building, sharing, and getting educated about the hottest strategies in real estate.

At our June 1stmeeting, Vena Jones-Cox will share the strategies and techniques that are making wholesalers money in the high-competition, low-inventory market that the whole country is facing, and Matt Adams will explain the basics of how and why sellers finance properties for you.

Everyone whos interested in quality networking, no-BS education, and, most of all, growing your real estate business with the support of an amazing community of people is welcome to attend. Members and first-time guests are free (but we do need you to registerHERE, or you wont get a link to the zoom meeting or a seat at the in-person meeting). If youre a repeat guest, theres a meeting charge, or you can just admit that if youve come to more than one meeting you already see the value andjoin herebefore you register!

Saturday May 22nd9 am-3 pm ONLINE
Need to Get Better at Seller Negotiation?
This All-day Workshop Makes you a More Confident and
SUCCESSFUL Deal NegotiatorGuaranteed

If youre going to get good deals in todays market, you MUST MUST MUST get good at negotiating off-market deals with sellers.

And in a recent survey of our new-investor members, we discovered that LOTS of you are worried about everything from offending sellers with low offers to asking important questions like, What do you owe?

So were fixing that for you with an intensive 1-day Seller Negotiation training thats guaranteed to give you the skills you need to negotiate with confidence (andskill),or you pay nothing.

Get the details and get your seatherebecause this class in interactive and packed with Q&A opportunities, were limiting the size of it.

Members, make sure you log in to get your 50% discount. Not a member? You canjoin here, right now, and take advantage of ALL the great benefits of COREE, from the great education to the great discounts to the great community!

May 20th,ONLINE
Are You In or Are You Out?
Real Estate Shark Tank!

Got deals? Need funding? Or just want to see how money people evaluate investments?

Join us on Zoom on May 20thas our panel of private lenders, hard money lenders, investors, and creative financiers get pitched real deals by members, and decide whether to investright in front of you!

To RSVP, participate, and see the full agenda (which also includes online networking time an intro to the various forms of private money you might see offered), clickhere.

May 8th(alternative date May 15thin Cincinnati)
9 am 5 pm In-Person or Online

All-Day Hands-On Workshop:
Create Your First Land Trust,
and Learn to Use These Powerful Entities
For More Privacy, Savings, and Creative Deals

Mr. Land Trust®, Randy Hughes, is back in Columbus for a full day of training that includes setting up your first land trust with documents that hell provide.

Hell dig deeper into how land trusts help you save money when buying and selling properties, how they make doing creative deals easier and less risky, and more. Get the full agenda and registerHERE

May 4th
Live AND Simulcast
Learn to Harness the Awesome
(Money-Saving, Risk-Reducing, Lawsuit-Avoiding, Deal-Making)
Power of Land Trusts,
PLUSHow to Make Offers that Get Accepted
AND Networking with the Most Awesome, Active, Knowledgeable
Real Estate Entrepreneurs Youve Ever Met

Join us live at the Doubletree Worthington OR via our Zoom simulcast, cause either way, youre in foran evening of education, insights, networking and relationship building

Find out why the whole real estate investing world is on fire forland trusts(youve heard of em, right? They help you protect your privacy, buy and sell properties creatively, all that?) from national expert Randy Hughes (they call him MISTER land trust),

Plus, come to our early meeting to get tips from Vena Jones-Cox onmaking offers that get accepted

or come even earlier for a chance to build some relationships with your colleagues, lenders, service providers, buyers, sellers, and more..

As always,membersand first-time guests are free, but you MUST RSVP so that we can hold your seat at the in-person meeting, or send you a link if youll be joining virtually! Do thatHERE.

May 1st, 9 am -2:00 pm,ONLINE
Virtual Property Inspection
and Repair Estimation Tour

On May 1st, you have a unique opportunity to walk through 3 properties, via video, with expert rehabber/cost estimator Jerry Fink, getting a detailed look at HOW he inspects, what he looks for, and most importantly, how he decides what needs to be repaired, what needs to be redone, and what can be left alonebased on the end use of the property.

Register now, andyoull get the Art of Estimating Repair Costs Right video, the Inspection Checklist, and the Repair Cost Cheat Sheet to start on right away.Get the full agenda and registerHERE.

Thursday, April 15thONLINE
Learn How Other Investors Get All Those Seller Leads from Facebook
Plus, How to Recognize Subtle, EXPENSIVE Problems When You Inspect

Jump online with awesome experts and active colleagues from around the area and the nation to network, learn, and fill up your investor-brain with new ideas and inspiration!

Meet real-life investors Jerome Lewis and Jerry Fink; theyve built profitable businesses around getting seller leads from Facebook and rehabbing houses, respectively. Theyll share what they know so that you can cut years off your learning curve

Jerome Lewis

Jerry Fink

Everyone is welcome. Members and first-time guests are FREE; returning guests pay a $35 meeting fee (or, if youre smart, youll justjoinfor $25 and get a whole months worth of meetings, focus groups, and benefits)

GoHEREto get the full agendatheres also a networking hour and other cool stuff happeningand to get your link.

April 10th, 10 am 3:00 pm,ONLINE
Beyond the IRA:
How (and Why) to Use Solo 401(K)s
for More Tax Saving and Investing Power

FINALLY, theres an inexpensive training that lays out the basics of Solo 401(K)s, which might havehugeadvantages for you, but which you probably dont completely understand.

If youre a self-employed real estate entrepreneur (even if its your side hustle) these plans can let you sock away a lot MORE money every year, and make bigger tax-free or tax-deferred investments with less red tape. But theyre also subject to different costs and rules, of course

This 5 hour training, presented by John Bowens of Equity Trust Company, gets you completely up to speed on how to start a 401(K), how much you can contribute each year, why theyre better for buying creative deals, and the rest of the rules and advantagesand the training is, as always, 100% moneyback guaranteed: youll agree its worth MORE than the (under $100) tuition, or your money back! Get the full agenda and registerHERE.

April 6th, 2021
Yep, Were LIVE! (and live streamed)
At the Doubletree Hotel, 175 Hutchinson Ave., Worthington
(and the topic is How to Get More Deals with ONE Change in Your Negotiation Strategy, and the Best, Simplest Asset Protection Entities for Real Estate Entrepreneurs)

Its time to bring back one of the biggest benefits of membershipgetting masked-face-to-6-foot-away-masked-face with the most active, excited community of real estate entrepreneurs in the whole world!

You can also join us via Zoom for the SIMULCAST meeting, but whatever you do, JOIN US

Vena Jones-Cox will talk about how to completely neutralize your competition with one simple change in how you negotiate with sellers, andJames Flax will straighten us out on what we REALLY need for asset protection (which isnt some complicated, expensive plan we dont understand, as it turns out)

The hotel only has 100 seats available for the live meeting, so if you arent pre-registered to attend live, youll have to attend on Zoom.

Register HERE to see the full agenda and reserve your live or virtual seat!

Members and first-time guests are free; returning guest are $35. See you there, or on Zoom!

March 18th,ONLINE
+ The best retirement plan for real estate investors SMACKDOWN

The next COREE meeting is all about the money, money, money: how to get it for purchase, rehab, and holding AND the best way to save it up, tax free or tax deferred, for investing now and retiring on it later
Check out what you missed by NOT being a member...

Youll also learn that theres money available to you thats cheap, money available to you thats fast, money available to you thats short term and long term, money to rehab retail deals, hold rentals, even flip wholesale dealshear from our panel of investor-friendly lenders about a dozen ways to get the funding you need, and what YOU have to do, and what it costs

Members and first-time guests attend free; register for your zoom linkHERE.

Not a member? You should be: we offer over 15 educational and networking meetings per month, for just $25 per month or $247 per year. Find out moreHERE.

SaturdayMarch 13th, 10:00am - 2:00pm eastern,ONLINE
Blow Up Your Lead Pipeline +
Vacant Land GOLD

You cant get enough info about how to perfect and automate direct mail marketing...and you ALSO need to know how to use that marketing to invest in or flip one of the most poorly under-stood asset classes out there: raw land!

Its taught by Kathy Kennebrook, shes bought and sold hundreds of deals in the super-competitive Bradenton, Florida market, mostly using direct mail and mostly NOT using her own money!Just $47 for members, $97 for non-members with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. ClickHEREfor thedetails and to register.

Saturday February27th9 a.m.-3 p.m. (eastern)ONLINE
The Complete Guide to
(Legally, Ethically, Profitably)
Buying Properties Subject to the Existing Loan

Yes, we know: you want to know how to buy properties Subject To the existing loan, so that you can take over other peoples mortgages with little or no money down and no qualifying.

But you cant possibly learn how to do that RIGHT in an hour-long meeting, so weve found you a complete, soup-to-nuts, nothing-else-to-buy workshop from one of the countrys best instructorsfor under $100. ClickHEREto learn more and get a seat!

March 4th,ONLINE
How to Use Direct Mail Right to Get Off-Market Bargains
+ (Hands On) How to Write a Purchase Agreement

The great thing about belonging to a great real estate association is that you get a constant stream of implementable, market-relevant, up-to-the-minute advice and trainingall the time, and for a tiny fraction of the price the national education mills charge (see HOW tinyHERE)

This weeks COREE meeting is yet more proof of that: youll hear from one of the countrys most successful real estate investors how she gets off-market bargains in one of the hottest regions of the U.S. using targeted direct mail to a handful of niche lists, plus walk through how to fill out a purchase agreement, whether its for a cash, wholesale deal, a deal where you need hard money financing, a probate property, a tenant-occupied property, or something else.

Members and first-time guests attend free; register for your zoom linkHERE.

February 18th, ONLINE
Buying Properties without Qualifying for Loans
Plus How to Read a Closing Statement
& Save Big on Closing Costs
+ Cocktail Hour with Your Future Co-Millionaires

(Register to get your linkHERE)

Interested in hearing more about buying properties Subject to the Existing Loan from a real-life investor whos been doing it for years? You should be, because its a LOT more involved than just finding the right seller, and a LOT easier than plopping down a 20% down payment and qualifying for a bank loan every time you want to buy a property

Join us on February 18th, and youll get a big ol no-BS dose of that, PLUS, at our early meeting at 6, get a lesson on one of the most confusing parts of buying or selling a property: reading the closing statement and figuring out which of those fees are necessary, and which you shouldnt be paying.

Feeling super-motivated to build some relationships with future partners, lenders, buyers, sellers, and advisors? Join us at 5 eastern for our Zoom Cocktail Hour, and well help you do exactly thatregisterHEREto get your meeting link.

As always, members and first-time guests are free. If youre a returning guest, you can pay the $35 meeting fee, orjoin the awesome community herefor just $25 a month and get access to over 15 monthly meetings, networking sessions, discounts, members only education, and more

February 4thONLINE
Hands-On Comping workshop +
A Primer About
Why You Want to Buy Apartments, Not Houses

Still dont quite get how to find the REAL value of a property you want to make an offer on? Maybe its because you havent ACTUALLY walked through to process, on your own computer, with a real property and guidance about how to take all those comparable sales and narrow them down to the best ones. Thats the FIRST thing well do at this meeting

And the SECOND thing well do is hear from a member who buys apartments all over the U.S. about why, if cash flow is your goal, you should maybe consider going STRAIGHT to larger rentals, do not pass single family homes do not collect $200 a month (collect $2,000 a month instead). And yes, you can do that even if you dont have zillions of dollars in the bankhell explain why

but only if youre REGISTERED (do thatHERE) and show up Thursday night.

Everyone, from anywhere in the world, is welcome!

Saturday January 30th9 am -2 pm ONLINE
Get the REAL Scoop on What You Need to
Know and Do to Make Serious Money
Wholesaling in 2021

No B.S. herejust a quickstart guide to the skills and work youll need to do to make wholesaling a serious part of your income (and not get into trouble while youre doing it). Its taught by Vena Jones-Cox, its awesome, and its been the launching pad for a LOT of members on successful wholesale careers over the years. Just $47 for members, $97 for non-members with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. ClickHEREfor the agenda and to register.

January 21st, ONLINE
The REAL About the How, What, Where and Why
of Investing in Short-Term Rentals (a.k.a. AirBnBs)
Plus Are the New PPP Loans a Good Bet for YOUR Business?

As always, were out to make sure you get the most real-life, no-hype information and networking opportunities about the hottest topics in the market today.

And without a doubt, what real estate investors are buzzing about right now is the new round of low-interest, forgivable, PPP loans for small businesses, and the super-sexy strategy of turning rentals or rehabs into highly-profitable short-term rentals.

So were bringing real life experts to YOU, online, to show you how YOU might benefit from these strategies, and all you need to do is registerHERE.

Members and first-time guest are free; if youre a returning guest, its time toJOIN HERE, because the meeting fee is $35 and it only costs $25 a month to be a member and get ALL the education, networking, and benefits for an entire month

January 7th, ONLINE
Kick off Your Real Estate Business Right in 2021:
Learn How to Get Private Money,
And the Shortest Path to
Winning the Real Estate Game

Year in and year out, through burning hot and ice cold markets, recessions and boom, and even pandemics, weve been here educating, supporting, and connecting YOU with the resources you need to win your own personal real estate game.

At our first meeting of 2021, weve got real-life investors sharing the best ways to find private financing for your wholesale deals, rehabs, rentals, and notes, plus a no-holds-barred, warts-and-all look at what youll REALLY need to do to reach that ultimate goal of having so much passive income that you never have to trade your precious hours for dollars again.

Members and first-time guests are free; clickHEREto register, orHEREto discover the reams of benefits that come with being a member (and how cheap it is to join!)