Why is the movie It rated R

Why is the movie It rated R

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  • Certification
  • Sex & Nudity (10)
  • Violence & Gore (6)
  • Profanity (7)
  • Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking (4)
  • Frightening & Intense Scenes (13)
  • Spoilers (27)

MPAA Rated R for violence/horror, bloody images, and for language
  • Argentina:16
  • Australia:MA15+
  • Austria:16
  • Brazil:16
  • Canada:14A (Alberta/British Columbia/Manitoba)
  • Canada:18A (Ontario)
  • Canada:13+ (Quebec)
  • Canada:18A (Toronto)
  • Canada:18+ (tv rating)
  • Chile:14
  • Colombia:15
  • Czechia:15 (original rating)
  • Denmark:15
  • Ecuador:15 (self-applied)
  • Egypt:R (self-applied)
  • Finland:K-16
  • France:12
  • Germany:16
  • Greece:K-16
  • Hong Kong:IIB
  • Hungary:18
  • India:A
  • Indonesia:17+
  • Ireland:16
  • Ireland:15 (DVD rating)
  • Israel:16 (self-applied)
  • Italy:VM14
  • Japan:R15+
  • Luxembourg:18
  • Luxembourg:16 (cut)
  • Malaysia:18
  • Malta:15
  • Mexico:B15
  • Netherlands:16
  • New Zealand:R16
  • Nigeria:15
  • Norway:15 (2017, cinema rating)
  • Peru:14
  • Philippines:R-13
  • Poland:16 (self-applied)
  • Portugal:M/16
  • Russia:18+
  • Saudi Arabia:R15
  • Singapore:NC16 (cut)
  • South Africa:16
  • South Korea:15
  • Spain:16 (ICAA)
  • Sweden:15
  • Switzerland:16
  • Taiwan:R-15
  • Thailand:15
  • Turkey:15+
  • United Kingdom:15
  • United States:TV-MA (TV Rating)
  • United States:R (certificate #51032)
  • Ukraine:16
  • United Arab Emirates:18+ (self-applied)
  • Vietnam:C18 (cut)

Sex & Nudity

  • Severity? 182 615 151 36

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  • Five young boys (12-13) and a girl are seen in their underwear in an extended scene. The boys end up staring at the girls body as she sunbathes. They're covered about as much as in bathing suits to swim.
  • Multiple sexual jokes made by Richie. Nothing too explicit, it's mainly your mum jokes and things of that standard
  • No nudity at all
  • 2 kids kiss
  • Some kids can be seen having a chicken fight with them being covered in as much as their underwear
  • We can see a bunch of boys 12-14 looking mesmerized at a girl 14 sunbathing in a bikini and when she turns to face them they quickly look away
  • Near the beginning of the film, the boys are seen throwing away their notebooks. One boy says "Best feeling ever!" to which another replies, "Yeah, try tickling your pickle for the first time."
  • Richie tells Henry to go "blow his dad."
  • It's implied that Beverly has been sexually abused by her father ever since her mother's passing
  • There are rumors that Beverly committed several sexual acts for boys that "ask nicely" but she later says they are false. Henry also alludes to these rumors and grabs his crotch suggestively with an intent to antagonize the boys in the group, as well as Beverly

Violence & Gore

  • Severity? 12 20 176 614

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  • It is implied that several sheep are killed with a bolt gun.
  • The characters open a door and briefly see the upper half of a teenage girl hanging in a room, still alive and screaming. It is a little scary but not too graphic
  • Many violent scenes actually occur offscreen, however blood is prevalent especially in the aftermath scenes.
  • One of the children falls through a hole on a table, where we see after his bent arm, apparently fractured, no blood is shown.
  • A sheep gets impailed through the head at min 10:15. (brief shoot of blood exiting the skull)
  • A 13 year old child is bullied by older children, who start to cut the letter 'H' into the kids stomach with a switchblade onscreen. this isnt very graphic.


  • Severity? 18 38 212 554

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  • Lots of curse words used by 13-14 year old children, mostly Richie, also hand gestures (putting up the middle finger).
  • Lots of cursing including words like "fuck", "shit", "ass", "pussy", "slut", and "bitch"
  • A homophobic slur is used ("You and your faggot friends").
  • 42 uses of "fuck", 26 uses of "shit"
  • Some uses of the word, "motherfucker."
  • Beverly gets called a slut once
  • An ableist slur is used ("Are you retarded?").

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Severity? 144 452 51 8

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  • A girl is seen holding a cigarette, although we don't actually see her smoking it.
  • Beverly can be seen stealing a pack of cigarettes from the pharmacy store.
  • One of the kids is said to have multiple medications. We later find out they're placebos.
  • A girl smokes a cigarette in the bathroom then puts it out

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Severity? 13 34 120 548

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  • Pennywise distorts himself and moves in unnatural ways. Some of this is quite comical, however.
  • There are many jumpscares.
  • There is a scene where Pennywise's mouth and hand is ripped open showing Mantis or Werewolf like skin
  • Bill's main priority throughout the movie is that he'll find Georgie alive and well, despite both his father and Richie telling him otherwise, many scenes involving this can be emotional.
  • It transforms into a homeless man with Leprosy. His nose is missing, his eyes are red, his skin is covered in grotesque rashes, and there is a sticky substance leaking from his mouth. one of his legs in incredibly slim, while the other leg is about as wide as an elephant's leg.
  • Pennywise can unhinge its jaw like a snake, it's disturbing to watch.
  • Penny wise is seen opening his mouth very wide there are also many sharp teeth in his mouth along with a glowing light in the back of his throat. Can be frightening to some younger viewers.
  • The opening scene especially is about as frightening and disturbing as it gets, especially since it involves a young child.
  • A girl is blasted in the face with gallons of blood, frightening and a bit intense.
  • The Flute Lady, is a scary looking thing. It might scare young viewers.
  • Ending of the movie kinda uses the effect of fake nostalgia. That's why it's so emotional.
  • MA15+ ( Strong Horror Themes & Violence )
  • Pennywise's appearance may be disturbing to some viewers, especially for people who have a fear of clowns.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Georgie reaches into the sewer for his paper boat, Pennywise opens a slobbering mouth with five rows of sharp teeth, biting his arm off (No injury detail seen); the boy tries to crawl away, but is pulled into the sewer. Blood is shown flowing from the arm into the sewer drain in the rain.
  • Beverly hides in her bathroom from her father who tried to rape her, and she hits him on the head with the toilet tank lid (he is seen lying in a large pool of blood later).
  • Henry receives a box in the mail containing his lost switchblade that he uses to stab his sleeping father in the neck. Injury detail is hard to discern but lots of blood is shown.
  • A man attacks his daughter, she hits him over the head with a vase, causing him to bleed mildly and possibly die. (not shown)
  • Georgie (Pennywise in disguise) is shot in the forehead with a bolt gun.
  • Henry is pushed down a well to his supposed "death" not shown.
  • A child is seen with a monster attached to his face, with blood pouring from both sides.
  • Pennywise is shown nibbling on and waving a child's arm. Blood is seen on the severed arm and on Pennywise's mouth.
  • A girl is grabbed by a black string substance, she is pulled close to the sink, blood sprays out into her face and covers the whole bathroom. It is obvious the father can't see it and the girl is only seeing it, as it is not really there.
  • As Pennywise tries to attack, and kill Bill & Richie, Beverly stabs his face with a pole, making him to change the appearance of his face, showing big sharp teeth and demonic eyes. The new appearance is distorted and grotesque. He then scares the group and laughs like a maniac.
  • Patrick Hockstetter goes into a sewer pipe looking for Ben and encounters terrifying dead children (zombies) and as he tries to escape, gets his face bitten off by Pennywise (OffScreen) somewhat Intense.
  • At the beginning of the film, Georgie's arm gets ripped off by Pennywise.
  • Eddie breaks his arm and Richie snaps it back into place. No gore is shown but Eddie screams in pain while Bill and Beverly try to convince Richie to stop.
  • This film contains some violent and scary content, but there's only one truly intense scene, which occurs at the very beginning of the film. A character named Georgie gets his arm bitten off and we see him crawling away and get dragged into the sewer. Can be a little disturbing to very young viewers.
  • Bill punches Richie in the face
  • Towards the end in the sewers, you find the flute lady biting Stan's face and her mouth is biting his whole face, this is a nasty scene but not graphic.
  • A boy's arm is violently bitten off. He is seen dragging himself across the street with only 1 arm before he is pulled below the street.
  • A boy's severed head is seen in a tree (not graphic, but disturbing). We later see the boy's body chasing Ben.
  • Georgie's arm is bitten off by a clown (blood shown) and is later dragged into a sewer. OffScreen.
  • The Losers' club and the bullies have a rock war which involves them throwing rocks at each other, some people get hit with rocks.
  • Beverly stabs a metal bar through pennywise's head. Blood splatters onto the screen. Brief and comical.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In one scene after Pennywise gets stabbed In the eye he turns around with his mouth ripped open showing a little bit of IT and pairs of sharp teeth can be seen, then he rips his hand open with sharp spider like claws.
  • IT changes its form according to the children's fears multiple times throughout the movie including dead Georgie, a deformed leper, a headless boy, werewolf claws, mummy, praying mantis arms, deformed flute lady from a painting and most importantly, Pennywise Projector. All in all, the main theme of this film is the portrayal of the biggest fears of a person, and it's done very cleverly.
  • Before being dragged to his death, Georgie is shown crawling on the road with his remaining arm, He cried for help, calling for help, he needs help to get Bill. This can be emotionally disturbing and upsetting to viewers.
  • Bill finds Georgie hiding behind a well. He walks over to Bill, lacking an arm and holding his paper boat, crying that he wants to go home. At the end of their conversation, Bill shoots Georgie in the forehead. It turns out afterwards that "Georgie" was merely a form of Pennywise's.
  • When Bill accepts Georgie's death by just finding his raincoat it's really emotional because his main goal was to find Georgie alive and well
  • While nothing happens, Henry Bowers almost shoots a cat with his father's gun. His father stops him but it scared us animal lovers out there.

Is the movie it appropriate for a 12 year old?

Great film, but not for kids under 13 I recommend this film to everyone who loves slightly disturbing films and TV shows like me but for anyone under the age of 13 you really should not watch it. It's very gory and contains adult language.

Is there anything inappropriate in the movie it?

A boy's arm is bitten off, teens shoot guns, and a sheep is killed with a bolt gun. Language is also very strong, with a lot of the swearing coming from young teens; you'll hear "f--k," "s--t," and more. There's lots of bullying, and an abusive father acts in a creepily sexual way toward his teen daughter.

Why is it rated R 1990?

It (novel) - Wikipedia This movie, starring a creepy clown, is based on a horror novel by Stephen King. Why is It rated R? The MPA rated It R for violence/horror, bloody images, and for language.