Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo Australia


"I’d highly recommend this product if you need to pass a supervised experimentation and the stakes are high. Great customer service too! if youre unsure how long of a detox ... "

- Mossy

Worked for me, and I am Overweight

"I used the Toxin Rid 10 day detox kit and passed with no problem. I would highly recommend this ... "

- Alfred

Thanks for my New Career

"I could not be happier with your 10 Day Detox product. As a heavy chronic user I was very scared when I was told I would need a experimentation for ... "

- Kristen

Thank goodness for this!

"I am so grateful I heard of ToxinRid! I had a pre employment toxin experimentation coming up for my dream job. I could not fail this! I was told ToxinRid ... "

- AA

Worked for me

"I used the 10-day detox, & after 1-2 days my self experimentations were showing clean. Passed pre-employment check w/no ... "

- J.R.

Make sure you have some clean days before buying/trying this product

"As a heavy user, the 10 DAY worked for me! Also the customer service chat people was very ... "

- Mary

Worked great!

"On experimentation day, I passed with flying color! I had 15 days to go before my experimentation, so I got the 15 day ... "

- D

This stuff works!

"I ordered the 10-day toxin-rid & passed a lab experimentation I paid for after 9 days. This stuff really ... "

- Benjamin

Got my Dream Job

"This product works. I can’t thank you enough! It’s totally worth the ... "

- Kelli

It works

"I’m a long time extremely user. I stopped for 5 days, did this for 10 days, had 5 days after and passed with flying colors. The last time I stopped ... "

- Josh

passed with flying colours

"followed the instructions to the letter. hit the sauna for 7 of the 10 days. i’m lean and fit but quit exercising during the detox as per the instructions. as ... "

- kris


"It works, just be sure to clear your schedule for some bathroom time. its recommended to use another product the day of for masking. If i can pass in 9 ... "

- James

Stuff Works! Thank you so much!

"I thought I had 2 weeks but it ended up being 7 days to pass. Im a 6’0, 190 lb male that has smoked everyday for 10+ years. Im athletic ... "

- CM

Worked For This Heavy User

"So at first I was very nervous to spend the $ on the 10 day detox program. I am 34 female approx 180lb, heavy user for over 15 years. I ... "

- Corinne

Business Owner

"Wow, so as most of us are, I was skeptical to say the least. I needed to take experimentation for life insurance, not a job however still important that I ... "

- Michael

I Passed!

"I only got informed that I have a experimentation on the last day of March. I have been a user for around 6 months straight with an average of 6-8 ... "

- Patrick

Only works if you are not a heavy/long time smoker

"I was really hoping this product was going to be my miracle worker. However, after following the program religiously, I took my free THC experimentation to and only saw a ... "

- B.C.

10-day Toxin Rid Review

"First of all, I would like to thank the developers and proprietors on a job well done! I am now able to pursue the career of my dreams! I am ... "

- Vincent

10 Program A+

"The 10 day program is A plus. The program is very difficult to complete, but it works and I recommend it more than a hundred percent and are consummate professionals ... "

- mitchell

10 day detox

"I never leave reviews BUT I felt I needed to due to my experience! I bought this product after doing much research & boy am I glad I did! I ... "

- Anonymous

Don’t count on a Urinalysis

"I did the 10 day detox, starting about 5 days after my last use, and ending 2 days before I experimented, for a total of 3 weeks and 2 days ... "

- Loves the Sun

Only detox product I’ll buy

"I’ve used toxin rid’s product twice now and have been completely satisfied by the end of the detox. Given it’s expensive price tag it’s worth every penny when you consider ... "

- Dustin

Passed prior to completing full 10 days

"I thought I was going to have a full 10 days prior to the UA but I actually only had about 6 days. I followed through with the directions exactly ... "

- Kelly

Actually works

"After six days I was experimenting clear, finished the product anyway. My actual rest is tomorrow, I’ll update then. Only downside is you spend a lot of time on the ... "

- Anonymous

Worth every dollar!

"I had a toxin experimentation coming up for school so I quit smoking 3 weeks prior to starting my detox. The detox was brutal do to taking 15 pills a ... "

- Lexy

Thanks Toxin Rid!

"This product works! I have smoked almost every day for the last 25 years using a bong. After the 10 day detox I experimented and got a faint line. I ... "

- Stephen

A sure way to pass a toxin experimentation

"I have been a heavy user for the last 4-5 years, using multiple times/day. Before using this detox I was still experimenting positive after a month in a half of ... "

- Alex

The Detox SUCKS but it REALLY WORKS!

"I was heavy smoker for the past 3 years and I was on and off after I graduated from college in the spring. I took off a month, smoked for ... "

- Matt

It appears to work

"I used this product for 10 days. I had levels under 0.50ng/ml of THC after day 7 which was verified by a ... "

- Chris


"LET ME TELL YOU! I had a lot riding on this product. I’m talking about a career change. First things first.. stop what you doing and give yourself some a ... "

- Littlefinger

Day 9… Uh oh

"Daily smoker, 6’3 230 lb, slow metabolism. Quit smoking 7 days before starting toxin rid. Finished day 9 of the 10 day program (took it religiously, makes me feel like ... "

- MfkD

HEAVY USER for 20 years. YOU NEED THE 10 days detox.

"My husband was a heavy user for over 20 years. He smoked wax daily a few times a day with a high tolerance. We only had 7 days notice to ... "

- Alice

I would recommend anyone who is a heavy Marijuana smoker

"I’ve been smoking marijuana heavily for the past 7-8 years with no stopping in betweem. And i was getting really tired of the job that i have currently and i ... "

- M.G.

Heavy User = Heavy Doubts

"However, I PASSED!!!! “All day every day” for several, age 55, pretty good physical health. Prior to Detox = four bubblers in two weeks instead of 8-12 per day. Followed ... "

- Brian


"I ordered late in the day, and they still shipped it same day, Awesome. I’ve been a “Medical Marijuana Patient” for years, another word for addicted addict. This also means ... "

- Patrick

Daily Heavy User Passed

"I had my doubts about being THC free after 10 days but here two days after taking the ToxinRid 10 day program. I experimented negative! I have smoked daily for ... "

- Steve

5 Day Detox and Mega Clean Review

"I started the 5 day detox program 9 days after not smoking. Prior to that I smoked about a blunt a day for 5/7 days for 4 months. I took ... "

- Alex

Toxinrid Helped me Detox

"Toxinrid is the go to help that you need for any concerns about detoxing preparation for detox screens for your work. I first encountered Toxinrid a year ago when I ... "

- Jean in New

Failed the experimentation, but did get my money back

"Followed detox instructions exactly as listed on the outside label, and still failed a lab urine experimentation. Was a heavy user prior, but had been clean for over 2 full ... "

- Lauren

Used the 5 Day Program in 4 Days

"I just wanted to let you know that my husband smokes regularly and we did the Toxin Rid 5 day Detox that we purchased from you. He passed his urine ... "

- lisa

Passed my experimentation

"I stopped smoking 10 days prior to my experimentation and did the 5 day detox on days 6-10. The pills definitely kept me in the bathroom for a few hours ... "

- Female

Mission Accomplished

"I just finished my cleanse and the results came back negative for THC. I finished the 5 day cleanse and am extremely happy with the results. I was a daily ... "

- Will

I needed this to work and it did

"I was given a surprise toxin experimentation with only 7 days notice. I started this product after two days of not using. I had to take the experimentation on the ... "

- Dan

This stuff works.

"After smoking heavily daily for 8 years I stopped smoking for 4 months but I know waiting to be clean wasn’t going to work due to my weight and life ... "

- Andy e

Worked as Advertised

"The product worked as advertised. Well worth the money. The directions must be followed with out any variance. The experimentation that was performed was done at a lab and not ... "

- Doug

Not All Home experimentations Work!

"I have called several times worrying about the fact I had passed a THC experimentation at a clinic last Friday after completing 9 days of Toxin Rid, but was failing ... "

- Benjamin


"I had smoked daily for over 40 years and only had 10 days to get clean for a urine experimentation. I quick smoking two days prior to starting the 7 ... "

- Sandy

No worries

"This is the best product by far. I am over weight and it worked just fine!! I just want to know if I can use it all the time for ... "

- Michelle


"That’s NO LIE, I used and followed the instructions on this product to the T and I passed my experimentation! Don’t lowball yourself and get a gimmicky product – this ... "

- Jalen

This works!

"This works! Very pleased! Definitely ... "


Not for a job

"I used the 5 day detox, probably should have used the 10 day 🙁 , didn’t pass after 5 day detox. Not using to get a job. Daily user, more ... "

- Rebecca

Happy Customer

"Worked great would recommend to ... "

- Eric

Got my Dream Job

"I initially ordered the 5 day toxin rid thinking I wouldn’t have enough time for the 10 day before my experimentation. I have been a daily smoker for 25 years ... "

- Kelli

It Worked For Me

"I am male in my late 30’s, 5′ 11″, 180lbs, 13% body fat. I work out 3-5 times per week or more HIIT + weightlifting. Smoke a bowl to a ... "

- Steve

Follow The Instructions.

"Youve probably read these reviews 10 times or more checking and rereading every word looking for the b.s. factor. I came to this site many times because I didnt trust ... "

- Mac

know your experimentation procedure

"I followed it through bloat and diarrhea, yucky taste and all- got to my experimentation only to discover that this time they wanted a hair sample. Try to find out ... "

- Gregory

It’s Worth It

"It’s expensive and extremely hard on your body, but it really works! Follow all the instructions exactly and you’ll be happy you did ... "

- WM


"One of my friends recommended this product to me, and it actually works I just took the experimentation that came with the detox and PASSED. My inital thoughts, I was ... "

- Andrew


"I purchased this with the utmost skepticism! The last time I smoked was last Wednesday and after following the directions to the T I had a faintly negative experimentation as ... "

- Day

Used detox with XXtra clean drink

"I was only able to complete four of the five days. It is a little tough to take 15 pills in 5 hours, but you do know it is working. ... "

- Edward


"I have been using THC products almost every day for the past four years, and when I was using, it wasn’t just once a day. So I had a LOT ... "

- Nick

No good if you are even close to a daily user

"I’m not that of a heavy user at, maybe a small amount every night. After abstaining for two weeks with lots of water and then this program, i still failed ... "

- Josh

look no more, unless you a little on the heavy side

"Im 5’6 160 pounds and athletic and I smoked dank medical marijuana from NorCal for 6 months straight. I would smoke multiple times a day, to put it simply I ... "

- Lee


"S.W.I.M. smokes marijuana at least once a day, usually more, and has been doing this for years. For an employee toxin screening last year and this year, SWIM has turned ... "

- Olivia

Really works!!!

"I bought this product after finding out I’d be doing a supervised urine toxin screen for a new job opportunity. I followed the instructions to the “T” and was worried ... "

- L.P.


"This product actually works, and I 100% would recommend it to anyone who needs to be clean FAST. I landed my dream job, and had no idea that I’d be ... "

- Patty

Many Thanks to the Team

"Just wanted to thank the experimentation clear support team for all the help they gave me during this very arduous toxin experimenting program. First of all, your cleansing product definitely ... "

- James

It works!

"Very skeptical of this product at first. Being a habitual toker for the past year or so, I panicked when I landed a great job and got asked for a ... "

- Emily


"Daily user about 2-3 times per day (did oil and vape). Did the 5 day program and after the pills and the detox liquid (not the fiber powder or mega ... "

- Toxin Rid Fan

This sh*t WORKS

"No doubt about it, you get what you pay for. I’m a 220 lb guy, 5ft 11in, considerably muscular but a good amount of fat. Basically enough fat to think ... "

- Krauss

I can’t believe it.

"I am a habitual daily smoker and I’m 70lbs overweight – so when I didn’t have time for the ten day detox, I was pretty worried…but I banked on the ... "

- Sam

I was lucky

"Well, I will make it short. I was sober for more than a 2 months. I followed the instructions as I have random UA’s with my bond supervision unit. I ... "

- Jacob


"I have 30% body fat (obese) and I smoked everyday (not 300 days of the year… 365 days) of pretty high grade marijuana. AT LEAST a gram to a gram ... "

- Antonin

Didn’t help unfortunately

"I did this one day detox and I was still experimenting positive but I am also a heavy smoker…did clean out my system ... "

- Erika

Detoxing can be intense

"With my consumption I should have done the 10 day, i.e. heavy ….for 10 years 3xs a day vaping. Headaches, migraines for me one day, diarrhea for 7 days, many ... "

- G


"I have been taking it after not smoking for a week and some and the home experimentation looks good.. I will be taking the real experimentation later today so will ... "

- Robert

It worked!

"This is not for the faint of heart. It’ll pump your body out of whatever is inside of you, toxin-wise. I ordered lots of experimentation strips (quite cheap on here ... "

- Anon

Wanted to give 5 Stars but…

"it didn’t clean my system of THC. I was offered an excellent, 6 figure job contingent on me passing a background check (No Problem) & a toxin screen. I’m a ... "

- JC

May work for some people

"I ordered the 7 day detox kit with the Mega Clean Cleansing drink. I followed the direction and didn’t find it too bad. I stopped eating red meat and fatty ... "

- Stephanie

ToxinRid saved me

"This thing works its amazing it saved ... "

- Carlos

Get extra days

"I used the 7 day detox originally. I had a urinalysis with my job for a promotion, and I was a daily smoker for about 2 years (2-3 bowls per ... "

- Ashley

This Product Literally Changed my Life

"Dear ToxinRid Team, Thank you for a wonderful product!! I ordered your 7 day detox and in 6 days I was cleared! I have smoked for about 12 years heavily ... "

- Camila

Good Product

"I am finishing up college and needed to get back into the work force. I’m in the automotive field and every job will toxin experimentation you for employment. I was ... "

- Anon

Worth the money, worked in 6 days

"Normally, toxin experimentations are not required in my profession, but I had to take an unexpected experimentation, so I wasn’t preparing at all. Furthermore, I’ve smoked medical grade ... "

- Christina

4 day Detox

"Followed instructions and took urine experimentation and I was clean. This detox really ... "

- Frederick

You Guys Rock

"Just wanted you guys to know yall rock and thus stuff works 100% , not only did yall help me past a pre-employment job but yall also cleaned me out, ... "

- Sandra

3 Day Toxin Rid Review-AMAZING PRODUCT

"I was recently hired for a company that required a pre-employment toxin screening (urine experimentation). I am a daily marijuana smoker for 10+ years, I am 5’3″ and weigh 215. ... "

- Kristin

Great result*****

"I used this for the 3 day period and it worked perfectly…I experimented negative after day ... "

- M

Excellent results for HEAVY smoker

"I smoked marijuana 3-4 times a day for months im 5′ 10 and 140lbs i used the 3 day detox program and on day 13 of being clean im already ... "

- Mike

best money I’ve ever spent.

"I knew I had a experimentation and quit 35 days before. However 5 days before I experimented myself and I was positive. I knew I was close to the cut ... "

- Big D

Yes, it works

"I typically would smoke less than a bowl a night (couple hits before bed), but sometimes on weekends I would smoke a blunt, joint, or a couple bowls. I’ve done ... "

- McKenna

Worked great for me

"I received a notice for a position with 8 days before the experimentation while i was high. I don’t have much fat on me but i smoke multiple times a ... "

- HonestAbe


"Web site and products top notch, ... "

- Scott

I gave it 5 starts

"I Gave it 5 starts before using so my urine was ... "

- Bigk

It works!!!

"I would smoke a few small bowls everyday for the past 4 years. I am 5’10 140lbs. I stopped smoking about a week before I started the detox. I was ... "

- Grassfinch

Worked for me

"I stopped smoking a week before my experimentation, having smoked a bit every couple days beforehand for a couple weeks. My last screen had popped positive so I knew I’d ... "

- Julie

It Really Works

"So I was a heavy user and stopped for 3 days followed the detox program to a T and took the mega clean drink all with eating right and regular ... "

- Brian

Works for moderate use

"I used this product (following the instructions exactly) prior to the UA that determined whether or not I was released from probation. I passed the experimentation. *Be prepared to spend ... "

- Joshua

What a relief!

"Being the stoner that I am, I smoked multiple times a day for YEARS. I found out I was going to get toxin experimented and procrastinated on stopping my smoking ... "

- Dre

It really works!

"I’m just a regular small town guy who did my research to see the best products to get rid of THC. I stopped smoking my products two days before I ... "

- Trey

follow directions!!

"I did the 10 day first as I am an everyday smoker, but I still experimented positive. I looked at the on line directions and it says take 8oz of ... "

- Diane

I passed

"I had smoked on a Saturday and found out I was going to be toxin experimented on a Wednesday. I ordered the 2 day Detox and passed my experimentation without ... "

- HarleyRider


"I passed the UA but it was a difficult project for me. I had to keep in mind what was the ultimate goal — to ... "

- George

I passed

"Easy to follow directions and worked like magic to get me clean before my experimentation! Highly recommend toxin ... "

- Alexandra

Awesome Product that WORKS!

"You guys rock! used the 2 day detox, passed my toxin experimentation with only 72 hours! I highly recommend Toxin Rid! If you follow the instructions and I had great ... "

- Mike in Jersey

Best on the market!

"I had a toxin experimentation to pass and was worried out of my mind..Then gotten this product. I was sceptical for a 2 day detox, but was it worth it! ... "

- Docia

Does Aloe remove toxins from hair?

EVERGREEN ALOE VERA REMEDY – NATURALLY YOURS Do a scalp detox with aloe vera. A scalp detox removes all the dead skin, products, and toxins from the hair follicles, roots, and oil glands. This is a vital step in hair detoxing because all the chemicals and toxins being removed from the hair are also all over your scalp.

How do you use old style aloe toxin rid shampoo?

How To Use It Correctly (More Than 15 Times).
Clean your hair with a standard shampoo, and rinse it out..
Take about 0.2 oz of Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo, and make sure you cover all the hair that's at least 2 inches long. ... .
Leave it on for 15 minutes. ... .
Wash the shampoo out of your hair with hot water..

Does Ultra Clean shampoo work for hair drug test?

All drugs originally present in the hair fibers were still detected after a single application of Ultra Clean. However, a slight decrease in drug concentrations could mostly be observed e.g. cocaine (n = 10) -5%, 6-MAM (n = 12) -9%, morphine (n = 12) -26%, THC (n = 4) -36%.

What is Aloe Rid shampoo?

Aloe toxin rid shampoo is a formula that can remove traces of drugs so that you can pass a hair follicle drug test. It was first formulated by Nexxus to help swimmers remove chlorine from their hair.