Natural hair silk press near me

  • La’Aja

    6.5 mi 12961 N Main St, Suite 101, Jacksonville, 32218

    Ultimate Silk Press

    This is a silk press service. This includes a wash, deep conditioning & steam service


    * 15$ Deposit is required for booking and is due 24 hours prior to your appointment. You may pay your deposit via Cashapp $laajax . Once you have paid your deposit and booked your appointment you WILL receive a confirmation text. If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this please feel free to contact me

    Knotless Braid Mid Back

    Please arrive with your hair blown out to the best of your ability! This is important because it aids in cutting down on time! This ONLY a applies if you didn't book The Wash Experience with your appointment.* 15$ deposit is due 24 hours prior to your appointment. You may send your deposit via cashapp @ #laajax *

  • Crowned By Ebony

    5.9 mi 5323 Emerson St, Jacksonville, 32207

    Basic Silk Press

    Hair is shampooed, deep condition, blow dried and pressed out with a silky serum. prices varies depending on length and density of hair

    Signature Silk Press (Press, treatment and trim)

    The Signature Silk Press gives your crown the works! It includes a Shampoo, custom treatment based off your hair needs, blow dry and a light trim.

    Gold Silk Press (smoothing treatment)

    The Gold Silk Press will have your crown smooth, shiny and soft. This chemical free treatment adds conditioning agents to help nourish and strengthen the hair from the inside out which allows the hair to become stronger and easier to manage. its cuts down frizz and promotes hair growth. This is temporary, treatment is recommended every 8 to 12 weeks

  • Crownedbysv

    11.4 mi 9303 Baymeadows Rd, 103, 15, Jacksonville, 32256

    Sv silk press

    The ultimate Sv silk experience (new clients)

    Basic Wig install

    For reinstall done by me BOOK THIS SERVICE AND use code REINSTALL This service doesn’t include any color. Shampoo blow dry braid down plucking bleaching knots etc included in service. Please bring wig one week or 72 hrs in advance. If you want color book either basic color or custom color wig install Drop off time 9am-6pm Mon-Wed

  • Hair By Tiffiany J

    1.9 mi 1012 Margaret St Unit 16, Jacksonville, 32204

    Satiny Silk Press

    The Silk Press Package includes: *Relaxing Shampoo *Hydration treatment *Blowout *Press *Trim *Flat iron/curl

    The price shown is the Deposit towards services & secures your appointment. Please send your deposit via Cash app to $shaydoll32 OR Zelle/Apple Pay using 904-755-4645 within 24 hours of booking your service to avoid cancellation. Threadless Microlinks provide a healthier alternative to wearing hair extensions by keeping the integrity of your hair intact, & promoting growth at the same time! These installs only require a microbead, your clients hair, and the Weft (bundles) hair extension. Thats right, no glue, no thread, no glue, and no tension! These installs are tailored to each client, and allow for endless versatility. Since you’ve opted for the Same day Consult & Install, I strongly suggest that you send me pictures of your hair and scalp prior to booking this appointment. For best results send pics/short video of your hair: >>> Parted where you desire to have it parted (front, back, & sides >>> Put up in ponytail (front,back, and sides) Please arrive to the salon with your hair clean & blown out. Please do not arrive with extensions, glue/gel residue, or braids in etc. If you rather for me to shampoo & condition your hair for you, I’ll be more than happy to accommodate you. Please return to the service list and add-on an the additional service: Shampoo and Blow-Dry. NOTE: Although you have chosen the Same Day Consult w/ Threadless Microlink option, this does NOT Guarantee an install. The health of your hair is always top priority. If necessary, a treatment regimen may be provided or another install may be suggested

    Threadless Microlinks is a luxury install using our quality bundles (weft extensions). This type of luxury install is recommended for both length and volume, and is installed using only the weft and a microbead. Includes: *Relaxing shampoo *Hydration Treatment *Silk Press *Trim *1-16” inch bundle of hair (please advise if you prefer longer hair and/or wish to purchase additional bundles) *Maintenance: Every 2-4 weeks *A non refundable/non transferable deposit of $100 is required to book this service. The deposit goes towards your service, and also secures your appointment date/time. You will receive a PayPal link at the time of booking. The deposit must be satisfied within 24 hours of booking to avoid cancellation. ***

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Is silk press good for natural hair?

A silk press makes natural hair very straight, shiny, silky, and soft,” says hairstylist and colorist Chrissy Zemura. “It gives a lot of body and movement without using a relaxer or the chemicals that straighten hair.”

How long do silk presses last on natural hair?

However, a silk press normally lasts for two weeks. It can sometimes last much longer as long as the hair hasn't been wet down. If your hair comes into any contact with moisture from water, humidity or sweat, it will begin to convert back to its natural curl.

How often should you get a silk Press on natural hair?

Le'Ana McKnight of West Hollywood's Stylist Lee Studios, says, “One can receive a silk press every three to four months to maintain the health of their hair and to retain length without heat damage.” I spoke to McKnight and trichologist Sophia Emmanuel to find out more about the process.

What's the difference between a silk press and a blowout?

When it comes to movement, the Dominican Blowout usually produces more flowing hair than the typical silk press. Most silk presses follow a process which takes the hair from wet to blowdried semi-straight, to flat ironed straight. Since there's no rollerset, the opportunity to create movement in the hair is lower.