Pinterest Marketing Tip #1 – Create a Business Account


If you want to discover one of the most important Pinterest marketing tips you need to know to grow your business on Pinterest, please watch this video. Angie Gensler shares with you the absolute number one most important Pinterest marketing tip you need to know and that is to create a business account on Pinterest


It’s very important but for some reason, a lot of people overlook when they are starting to market their business on Pinterest. So if you want to be on Pinterest for your business you cannot do it with just a personal Pinterest account. You need a business account and there are four main reasons.

  1. Analytics. With a Pinterest business account, you get access to analytics. Now you can see the powerful analytics of how people are engaging with your content with your pins? What their interests are? There’s a lot of great data that you get access to.
  2. Rich pins. You also have access to rich pins and rich pins are pretty incredible. They pulled data from your website, from the actual source. That if you have product pins they will pull in the pricing and some more information specific to your product. If you have a web app people can download their app straight from Pinterest itself. So rich pins are really incredible and something you absolutely want to take advantage of.
  3. Promoted pins. You also get access to promoted pins. They are paid ads on Pinterest and Pinterest ads are really affordable to run. They’re a great way to get you some instant traction.
  4. Viable pins. The final benefit of having a Pinterest business account is the ability to create viable pins. They allow people to make a purchase on the Pinterest platform straight from the pin itself. It’s really great if you have an e-commerce store and you’re selling tangible goods and physical products.

If you do not have a business account please watch this video and simply create one. It’s super easy to do and then you can get all of these benefits.

So that is the #1 tip in marketing your business on Pinterest create your business account.

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