Is Fairlife good after a workout?

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I used to just stretch my legs and drink lots of water after a run, but I've recently started incorporating protein shakes into my post-work routine. Core Power

Working out is tough but trying to stick to a regular routine is worse. It's somehow always happy hour or brunch somewhere and you're more than happy to make excuses to skip another workout class. I mean, who doesn't want hang out with a friend of a friend who you used to intern with five years ago? Surely that's more fun than a 7 p.m. cycling class.    

I've realized that without a set routine, I regularly skip workouts and runs, telling myself that I'll do a double session tomorrow to make up for skipping today. (Narrator: She has never done a double.) That's why, over the past few months, I've set a goal and created my own workout schedule with small adjustments that hold me accountable and keep me motivated.

Here are the six things that help me stay on track:


When I can't bring a shake to recover after a run or hike (or just don't want to carry a bottle in my hands), I'll eat one of these protein bars from Orgain instead. It has 10g of organic plant-based proteins, 20g of carbs, and 6g of fiber. That means there's really just 14g net carbs, so these bars are a good option for anyone on a high protein, low carb diet — like me. But you should still definitely talk to your doctor or a nutritionist before changing up your diet or lifestyle.

In addition to the portability and convenience of the protein bars, they're also delicious. Currently, there are four flavors — Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk, and S'Mores — and each has either 5g of sugar or less. It's hard to choose a favorite because they're all indulgent (well, as indulgent as a protein bar could be), but they definitely keep me motivated to run faster so I can inhale one afterwards.

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Is Fairlife good after a workout?
Most athletes know that post-workout protein is essential to the muscle recovery and repair process. As a strength and conditioning professional who works with hundreds of athletes, I can tell you that the importance of post-workout carbohydrate consumption is not necessarily as widely known or understood.

Post-workout carbs are also essential to your muscles’ recovery process. Ideally, you want to aim for 30-90 grams of carbs — depending on the intensity and duration of your workout — within about 30 minutes of training. This is when your muscles are most “receptive” to glycogen (see next paragraph). Within a few hours, your muscles are no longer able to recapture glycogen. Consuming carbohydrates after a workout not only “feeds” your muscles; it also prepares them for the next day’s workout, practice, or game.

Here’s how the process works: You already know that your body breaks carbs down into glucose, your primary energy source. Glycogen is the form of glucose that’s stored in your muscle tissue (some glucose is stored as fat). When you workout, you deplete muscle glycogen stores but you also effectively increase your muscle demand for glucose, meaning you need more (pre-workout) and have the ability to store more (post-workout). That’s why replenishing your muscles’ glycogen stores — via carbohydrate consumption — is an important part of your recovery process.

For best results, your post-workout carbs should be combined with protein. Research indicates the optimal carb-protein ratio to be 3:1 or 4:1, or approximately 20 to 25g protein per 80g carbs. Studies also show that carb-protein consumption, after a workout, increased glycogen reloading by 38 percent over carbs-only (Journal of Applied Physiology). Lowfat chocolate milk has this “magic” formula: a 3:1 carb-protein ratio and quality whey protein.

If you want to get your carbs from whole foods, what should you eat? Well, quality is important but any carb is better than no carb at all, given the importance of carbs to the post-workout recovery process. Fruits, including dried fruits, are good choices (think apples, oranges, bananas, raisins, and craisins). Whole grains — including bread, bagels, cereals, pasta, and rice — are nutritious and beneficial.


Your thoughts?

I've just started working out and I've read that chocolate milk can be great for rebuilding muscle and what not. Is this real and if it is will any chocolate milk do?

What are people's thoughts on Fairlife milk? A great alternative and post workout option, or processed Frankenmilk?

Some people enjoy the higher protein and calcium with reduced sugar and no lactose. My house drinks their skim milk since half my family is lactose intolerant, the other half is prediabetic so they're watching their sugar.

Some distrust the Coke brothers (soda companies rarely have our health in mind), or are wary of this highly processed option with selective nutrition.

Some argue that regular milk is the most balanced and can deliver the best nutrients. Others say that isolating different nutrients can be harmful.

What are your thoughts?

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If you are one of the many people who made a resolution this New Year to make a better you, then you know you need some help doing so. Going to the gym and working out isn’t enough. You need to pick up the Fairlife Core Power High Protein Milk Shake to fuel your body with the stuff it needs.

There are a lot of options out there to fuel you up before or after a workout. But few of them are as effective as the Fairlife Core Power High Protein Milk Shake. 26 grams of protein in one bottle is plenty to fuel you up with what you need to replenish those muscles after a workout.

Even better is that there isn’t much sugar in the Fairlife Core Power High Protein Milk Shake either. There’s a little, but not enough to alter your body in any negative way. Just enough to give you a little kick. That’s also thanks to the amazing flavor that is infused in each bottle.

Is Fairlife good after a workout?


Each bottle of the Fairlife Core Power High Protein Milk Shake will quench your thirst like no other. You’d honestly be surprised that this is a health drink. Swigging from these bottles will make you think you’re a kid again, enjoying a scrumptious treat after dinner. That’s how good these taste.

We can say that from personal experience. That’s because we got a hold of the Fairlife Core Power High Protein Milk Shake. And we have enjoyed having these after a workout. Even when we didn’t work out. It’s just a great drink to enjoy at any time.

So if you want a little help in boosting the strength and replenishment of your body, then you should pick up the Fairlife Core Power High Protein Milk Shake. You’ll be able to reach those goals and find the New You in no time at all.

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