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Minecraft: The Best Mods That Add New Mobs To The Game

Using mods in Minecraft is par for the course, and these are some of the best that let you add new mobs to the game.

Have you ever spent hours collecting different mobs in Minecraft, or creating the perfect livestock farm, but felt there was still something missing? Maybe the hostile mobs aren't challenging or interesting enough for you anymore? There are so many mods out there for you to explore, including those which aim to improve the player's experience with mobs. Even a single mod can make the game much more enjoyable, especially when tailored to your own interests.

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Mod libraries such as CurseForge make it easy for you to search for and download mods, or modpacks (groups of mods designed to fit together), which are suited to your tastes. Whether you are using Forge or Fabric to run your mods, there are thousands to choose from.

Update on August 17, 2021 by Sharnelle Earle: New mobs and enemies add challenge to a game that you've beaten years and years ago. Though the game is around a decade old, Mojang Studios continues to update it by adding new animals, ore, and more. People have poured years worth of hours into the game so a new axolotl here and a new ore there might not be enough. If you find yourself bored and have explored all Minecraft has to offer, installing mob mods will enhance your experience. New challenges, biomes, and bosses will make Minecraft feel brand new. Below are some more community mods that add unique enemies to the game.

13 DivineRPG: A Fantasy Role-Playing Game

  • New dimensions
  • Armor sets and weapons
  • 115 new mobs
  • New blocks

This mod turns Minecraft into an RPG experience. Collect gold, take down bosses, and explore taverns. DivineRPG is a huge overhaul for adventures. If you're more a fan of fantasy RPG games than survival games, this is the mod for you.

Aside from the medieval exploration that DivineRPG adds to Minecraft, there are hundreds of new enemies and monsters to find while you explore the new dimensions and clear out dungeons.

12 The Aurorian: Explore A Mystical Dimension

  • New biome
  • Dungeons
  • Three new bosses
  • Unique ore

The Aurorian is an ethereal expansive mod that adds a magical dimension to Minecraft. This new world is called the Aurorian and it's always nighttime in this biome. Tons of new items and creatures can also be found in this world.

The mod adds abandoned ruins, new mobs, and more crafting potential. Five original tracks were recorded for this mod, so new background music can be heard as well.

11 Pixelmon: Collect Pokemon In Minecraft

  • Collect Pokemon
  • Heal, capture, and fight Pokemon
  • Quests

This is the ultimate Minecraft mod for additional creatures if you're a Pokemon fan. Instead of bosses and random animals as new mobs, you get Pokemon added to the game.

With Pixelmon, hundreds upon hundreds of Pokemon can be found and collected. There will be a nurse NPC and many more new mechanics and items to help you maintain Pokemon and Pokeballs. To this day transformations, abilities, and new Pokemon are added to the Pixelmon mod.

10 Alex's Mobs: New Mob Mechanics and Use

  • Fictional creatures
  • Real-world species
  • Unique drops
  • All new mobs have a purpose

Alex's Mobs adds over 40 new creatures to the game, including real-world animals such as elephants, kangaroos and lobsters, and Minecraft-inspired creatures such as the endergrade, soul vultures and mimicubes.

These new mobs can be found in the Overworld, the Nether, and the End, and each have their own set of unique behaviors. This mod is perfect if you're looking to enhance the vanilla experience, or if you are the type to collect and showcase as many mobs as possible in either a museum or a zoo.

9 Ice And Fire Dragons: Become A Witcher

  • Elemental dragons
  • Ghosts
  • Sirens

If you think vanilla Minecraft leaves more to be desired in the fantasy department, then look no further than this mod. Ice and Fire: Dragons, adds an exciting range of mythical creatures to the game. With mobs ranging in difficulty, this mod is great for more experienced players looking for a new adventure.

From naturally-occurring pixie villages to vast piles of loot hoarded away by dragons, there is so much to explore. You can even tame and ride dragons if you're brave enough.

8 Exotic Birds: Become An Ornithologist

  • 30 new birds
  • Bird nest storage
  • Bird egg management

Another mod that is great for enhancing the vanilla experience, Exotic Birds adds over 30 new birds, with each bird adding multiple species, bringing over 100 unique birds to the game in total.

Bird nests generate naturally atop trees in every biome and act as storage that can contain up to three eggs. Some eggs will be labelled as a specific species of bird, while others will be labelled as unidentified eggs which must be examined using an Egg Analyzer. Like normal chicken eggs, identified eggs can be thrown on the ground to hatch them, with the spawn chance listed as a percentage when hovering the cursor over an egg.

7 Lycanites Mobs: A Challenging Horror Game

  • New biome
  • 115 new creatures
  • New bosses

If you're looking for scarier, more powerful mobs in your Minecraft game, then Lycanites Mobs is the mod for you. Not only does this mod add over 115 new creatures to the game, with some acting as bosses with increasingly difficult stages, but the range and diversity of the mobs also create a new and interesting environment for the player to traverse.

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From the huge, passive Arisaurs that resemble a grassy long-necked dinosaur, to the demonic Rahovart which, once summoned, harnesses hellfire and minion summoning abilities to create a multi-stage boss fight.

6 Mystical World: Adorable Unique Creatures

  • Ten new mobs

Mystical World only adds ten mobs, such as deer, enderminis, frogs, and silver foxes, and makes changes to the squid found in vanilla Minecraft, so this is one of the smaller mob-focused mods.

However, there's much more to Mystical World than mobs alone; by combining the new aubergine crop and a book, players can create the Encyclopaedia Mysticum to "guide you through strange creatures, delightful cuisine and the mystical treasures that you will come across!"

5 Rats: The Plague Is A New Threat

  • Plague rats
  • Normal rats

Ever wanted your own army of little helpers in Minecraft? Now you can have it, in the form of Rats. This mod, as you might have guessed, adds rats into the game, and a whole range of new features alongside them. Rats will naturally spawn in the dark and are afraid of players unless infected with the plague or tamed.

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Plague rats will automatically attack players and infect nearby rats, but once tamed they are immune to the effects of the disease. Rats can be used to hunt, gather, transport, fight, and help the player carry items. But beware, rats can burrow through dirt and wood and steal food and items directly from chests, so be careful with this mod or you might get more than you bargained for.

4 Better Animals Plus: Remastering Minecraft Mobs

  • Additional animal species
  • Retexture of Minecraft animals

Envisioned as a companion mod to Better Animal Models, but able to work as a standalone mod, Better Animals Plus not only retextures a lot of vanilla Minecraft animals but also adds in a whole lot more.

Most of the animals are based on real-world animals, from deer and turkeys to octopi and colossal squid. This mod adds more diversity to land, sea, and skies, and still retains that signature Minecraft style.

3 Animania Farm: A Farming Simulator For Minecraft

  • Adds more passive mobs mechanics
  • Realistic farming

Animania Farm is one of three Animania mods (excluding Animania Base, which is required to run the mods) that focuses on enhancing the player's experience with passive mobs, with this particular mod focusing on farm animals such as cows, sheep, chickens, pigs, and goats.

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Each type of animal comes in numerous species, which each have unique styles based on real-world breeds, such as the Hereford cow. This mod has also changed the way you can breed these animals, making the process more realistic with happiness affecting whether or not the animal will breed.

2 Animania Extra Animals: Realistic Farm Animals

  • Additional animal species
  • Hamster and hamster ball

Animania Extra Animals adds hedgehogs, peacocks and peafowl, ferrets, hamsters, and three types of amphibians (frogs, dart frogs, toads) to the game. Both the peacocks/peafowl and amphibians cannot be tamed, but peafowls can be bred in the same way you would breed chickens with Animania Farm, using a nest.

Hedgehogs, ferrets and hamster can be tamed, however, they cannot be bred and must be obtained from their natural habitats. You can also craft a hamster ball and hamster wheel for your hamsters to use, with the hamster wheel even acting as a power source for many technology-based mods.

1 Animania Cats & Dogs: Your Pet In Minecraft

  • New cat and dog breeds
  • More pet options
  • Pet decor
  • Pet merchant

Animania Cats & Dogs is ideal for players looking to tame more realistic cats and dogs, with 13 dog breeds and seven cat breeds available, as well as more realistic foxes, wolves and ocelots.

These cats and dogs do not spawn naturally and can only be bought from a Pet Merchant, a type of villager that can spawn naturally within villages. There are also some functional and decorative blocks that come with this mod, such as cat and dog beds, pet bowls, dog houses, litter boxes, and cat trees. Everything you would need to create a pet's paradise.

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