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Config.yml - dniym/IllegalStack Wiki

The following is a list of all possible config.yml settings. Not ALL of these options will show up in every config.yml however as the plugin will generate the config.yml based on your servers version. For example if you are running a 1.12 minecraft server, then you will not see any protections listed that only apply to 1.13/1.14. If you change your server version the relevant values will be automatically added to config.yml


If you edit the config.yml manually with a text editor and save your changes you MUST use the following command to apply the changes: * /istack reload * if you do not use the built in reload command your changes will be lost whenever the server restarts.

We highly recommend using the built in config editor instead of the old-school way of editing config.yml directly as if you make a mistake entering values (like entering words instead of numbers for a specific protection) you might end up with a protection that does not function properly. IllegalStack will try to validate all config values when the plugin starts but the in game editor will prevent you from making a mistake in the first place.

Exploits: 1_14_Exploits: Misc: BlockSilkTouchBookExploit: false #prevent players from holding a silk-touch book and mining blocks as if they had a silk touch tool (1.14+ only) PreventFoodDupe: false #Stops the 1.14.4 consumable dupe exploit (food dupe). Traders: BlockVillagerTradeCheesing: false #prevent players from being able to force villagers to regenerate their trades over and over until they find one they like. (1.14+ only) ZombieVillagerTransformChance: 100 #setting this to a value less than 100 will reduce the chance a villager will turn into a zombie if infected. *NOTE* Minecraft ONLY sets this chance to 100% if your server is set to HARD difficulty. Therefore this setting need not be adjusted unless you're running hard mode. VillagerRestockTime: 10 #Sets the minimum number of minutes that a villager is allowed to restock trades.. NOTE* This is in real life minutes, and any changes to the in game time will be ignored, meaning if players trade with a villager then go to sleep to advance the time, they will not normally restock the next morning. PortalDupe: EndWhiteList: [] #add entity types here you wish to allow to travel to the end NotifyBlockedPortalAttempts: false #notify staff whenever a portal attempt is blocked. NOTE this is off by default to prevent spam if someone has a sand duper or farm setup already. NetherWhiteList: [] #add entity types here you wish to allow to travel to the nether. NetherWhiteListMode: true #if set to false the whitelist behaves as a blacklist. EndWhiteListMode: true #if set to false the whitelist behaves as a blacklist. BlockNonPlayersInNetherPortal: true #prevent any entity (except for players) that is not on the whitelist from going through a nether portal. BlockNonPlayersInEndPortal: true #prevent any entity (except for players) that is not on the whitelist from going through a end portal. BookExploit: ValidCharset: US-ASCII #your server's desired charset. BookAuthorWhitelist: [] #Book authors that bypass the book dupe checks RemoveBooksNotMatchingCharset: true #enable checking for the chunksave dupe. DisableBookWriting: false #totally disable writing in books, any player writing in a book will also have the book removed from their inventory to prevent packet bypasses. PageCountThreshold: 5 #number of pages in a book allowed to have characters OTHER than your specified charset. MineCart: MinecartBlockWhiteList: [] #Types of blocks that minecarts are allowed to be glitched into PreventMinecartGlitch: true #prevent pistons from being used to glitch minecarts inside other blocks. RemoveExistingGlitchedMinecarts: false #set this to true to have the plugin remove minecarts from your worlds that are already glitched inside other blocks. **ONLY EVER USE THIS IF YOU KNOW YOU HAVE GLITCHED MINECARTS** Enchants: FixIllegalEnchants: false #if this value is true, then any item with an enchantment larger than the vanilla limits will be fixed. This only reduces the value of the enchantment down to the max vanilla level for that enchantment. EnchantedItemWhitelist: [] #Use the /istack prot command to edit this option in game. 3rdParty: BlockCMIShulkerStacking: true #prevent the CMI plugin from allowing shulkers to be placed inside other shulkers 1_13_Exploits: PreventVillagerSwimExploit: false #prevent players from being able to glitch the discounts that villagers give by making the villagers swim. PreventExcessiveFireworkExploit: false #Detects fireworks which have an excessive number of effects. OverStack: GroupStack: [] #Items added to this list will be allowed for players who have been granted the IllegalStack.Overstack permission. FixOverstackedItemInstead: false #if enabled, instead of removing an illegal stack, the item's quantity will be adjusted to the max stack size for that item. AllowStack: #any items added here will be ignored by the overstacked item protection code. - POTION StackWhiteListMode: true #If true all items in the AllowStack list will be BLACKLISTED rather than whitelisted. RemoveItemsOfType: [] #Item types (eg STRUCTURE_BLOCK) added to this list will be removed if found in a players inventory, useful if players on your server have obtained blocks you do not wish for them to have such as Bedrock. RemoveOverstackedItems: true #remove any items found on players, in inventories etc that are larger than the vanilla stack size. PreventOverStackedItemInHoppers: true #destroys items in hoppers that are over the max stack size. Nether: BlockPlayersAboveNether: true #Prevents players from teleporting / walking on top of the nether. NetherYLevel: 128 #Adjust the Y Level of the nether, useful for custom world generators. ExcludeNetherWorldFromHeightCheck: [] #Adding a nether world here will exclude it from the height check.. This should only ever be used if you have a nether world that has a non vanilla nether ceiling height, eg maybe bSkyblockNether's. This will ONLY affect a nether world, no effect if the world is not a nether! 1_12_Exploits: PreventRecipeDupe: true #This dupe was around when the recipe book was first introduced to minecraft, it involved dropping an item then spam crafting an item (like a crafting bench), would result in huge over stacks of items PreventItemFramePistonDupe: true #Prevents item frames from duping items when broken with pistons. Other: PreventBedrockDestruction: true #Prevent bedrock destruction via players blowing the heads off pistons with TNT DisableChestsOnMobs: true #Prevents players from using or adding chests to Llamas, Donkeys, Horses etc. Used to prevent players with hacked clients from duping useing these creatures. PreventHoppersToUnloadedChunks: true #Prevents a dupe glitch when two hoppers are used across a chunk border. PreventNestedShulkers: true #Prevent players from putting shulker boxes inside other shulker boxes, this exploit leads to pretty much infinte storage. PreventZeroTickExploit: false #Breaks redstone machines that eploit a game mechanic that causes cacti and other growable blocks grow much faster than normal. PreventRailDupe: true #Prevent redstone machines designed to dupe carpets and rails, these items are usually duped to provide infinite fuel for furnaces or to sell for in game money in shops. Fishing: KickForAutoClickerFishing: true #Detects autoclickers that spam fish using a block where the player spams the right mouse button (usually automatically) and fish are reeled in the instant they bite. FishMod: WarnPlayerThenKickInsteadOfNotify: false #This setting defaults to false, and staff is notified when a player is suspected of using an auto fishing mod. If set to true the player will be warned right before they're about to be kicked after the plugin has detected they are using an auto-fishing mod. MaxFishToNotifyStaffThenBlock: 5 #If Notify instead of kick is set to true, then staff will be notified once the plugin has detected a player using an auto fish mod after they catch this many fish. MaxFishAllowedBeforeKick: 5 #Detects automatic fishing mods that cast and reel in fish that mimic regular player fishing, this is not an instantaneous detection and does not detect auto fishing on the first attempt.. WatchForAutoFishMod: true #Detects automatic fishing mods that cast and reel in fish that mimic regular player fishing, this is not an instantaneous detection and does not detect auto fishing on the first attempt.. TNTDupe: PreventIndirectTNTPowerDupe: true #Prevents tnt duping methods that exploit an indrect power bug that causes tnt to ignite and fall away / be launched but leave an unlit block of tnt behind. SignExploit: DestroyBadSignsOnChunkLoad: false #Check chunks when they're first loaded for signs that have non standard characters (usually from a hacked client) which are used to exploit the save state glitch like the book dupe, and to prevent players from being able to log in while in that chunk (sign banning).. You should ONLY enable this protection if you know you have chunks with bad signs, as it will use resources checking every block for signs. Misc: BreakMachinesInsteadOfDroppingItems: true #If this setting is set to FALSE, instead of removing pistons etc that are detected in an exploit, IllegalStack will break the block and drop the item instead. LogOffensesInSeparateFile: true #Write the time/date of all offenses to a text file: (located in /plugins/IllegalStack/OffenseLog.txt) DisableInWorlds: [] #Disables IllegalStack in the specified worlds. Warning... this completely disables ALL protections in that world, meaning if a dupe exploit exists then it is up to you to make sure that players can not transfer items from a unprotected world, into a protected one! Use at your own risk! InGameOffenseNotifications: true #Send notifications to staff members in chat whenever an exploit is detected, this permission defaults to OP but can be granted by giving a player the: illegalstack.notify permission node. NotifyNearbyPlayers: false #Notify players in a 10 block radius of a offense or any that directly were caused by them UserRequested: ItemRemoval: ItemNamesToRemove: [] #Add item names to this list and if RemoveItemsMatchingName is true, they will be removed like an illegal stacked item would be. ItemLoresToRemove: [] #Add any lores that identify items you wish to have removed, such as if players were able to get items out of a shop plugin illegally and IllegalStack will remove these items once detected. NameLoreStrictMatchMode: false #If this value is true, then the item name or lore line must EXACTLY match including color codes, when set to false as long as the text is included in the lore or name a match will be detected. RemoveItemsMatchingName: false #If this setting is set to TRUE, any item matching the name will be destroyed, useful if you have items taken out of GUI's due to another plugins bug. OFF by default (User Requested Feature) Misc: NotifyInsteadOfBlock: [] #Any protections added to this list will NOT be blocked, however notifications will still be sent. Caution: This may produce a fair amount of spam for some protections Obscure: BlockBadItemsFromCreativeTab: false #Prevents players from giving themselves items in a single player world with metadata into a server if they have access to GMC. This exploit allows players to create items not normally obtainable through regular /GMC such as sticks that give 5000 health when held... NOTE: this fix requires protocollib to be installed to work! Mobs: PreventZombieItemPickup: false #Prevents zombies from picking up items normally, this was used to prevent the drowned dupe and is off by default, left in as it was requested by a user. Spawners: ResetSpawnersOfType: [] #Resets a spawner of a given <Entity_Type> to a pig spawner if mined, only really useful if you have a silk spawner plugin and some specific spawners in the world that you don't want to allow players to mine.