How to get a photo taken down on Facebook

I like the posts above that I want some pictures removed. No they are not of bad taste.

It was at a birthday party where that person was invited too. She took the photos without my consent and uploaded them to facebook (which happens to be a public forum)

I upload my own photos if I want to

I don't need someone else to uplaod pictures of my family without my consent

Whatever the context, the consent was not there in either case: taking the photos and then uploading them.

Owen824 said:
Have to say the OP does not make it very clear as to the scenario of why they want them removed. More details like people asked above such as where the photos were taken, what context are they in, etc would help us to point you in the right direction if in fact you have a case for getting them removed.

Most likely though, if they are in a public place with friends like a birthday party or something then i would doubt there is much chance of getting them removed. have you tried contacting the person to ask them to remove them. does seem odd that you want the pics removed unless they are in bad taste.
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did I not make it clear in the first post? It seems to jumped on board only to state your opinion and not properly reading my original post