How to find lsrl on ti-84

Steps Key Sequence Screens 1. Enter independent data into list, L1 2. Enter dependent data into list, L2 3. Set up Stats Plotter for scatter plot AND plot the data 4. Set up the calculation for the regression line Press STAT once 4 [for LinReg(ax+b)] press 2nd then 1 (for L1) comma press 2nd then 2 (for L2) 5. Calculate the regression line ENTER 6. Store the equation so it can be graphed press Y= and scroll to a location which is blank Press VARS 5 (for Statistics...) twice (to EQ) 1 (to choose RegEQ) 7. Graph press GRAPH Steps Key Sequence Screens 8. Find the details TRACE and use left and right arrow keys * P1:L1,L2 means this is Plot1 (scatterplot) with xvalues (independent variable) in L1 and yvalues (dependent variable) in L2
* Y=15 gives value of y variable when x variable is 526. TRACE and use up arrow keys to trace line * Y1 means the regression line is being traced
* The point (X, Y) is on the regression line where X = 541.33191 and Y=26.16118.