How to do Boomerang on Snapchat iPhone

Snapchat has launched its own version of Instagrams Boomerang a new feature it calls Bounce.

When Facebook and Instagram started copying Snapchats Stories two years ago, the last thing we expected is for Snapchat to start copying some of the formers features. Expected or not, Snap has done it, with the launch of a new feature called Bounce, which is simply identical to Boomerang a feature Instagram added back in 2015.

Bounce was reported first by Elite Daily, and its really easy to use. After making a video Snap tap and hold the infinity icon that appears at the bottom of the options menu. That will bring up a Bounce slider that spans the full video from beginning to end. You can then set the beginning and the end of the part of the video youd like to use as a loop in your Snap.

Snapchat copies Instagram with the launch of its own Boomerang-like feature.

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If it werent for the above, the feature would be exactly the same as Instagrams Boomerang, which only allows you to loop the entire clip.

While its an interesting creative addition to Snapchat, Bounce is unlikely to make a big difference to Snapchat and the way people use the app.

A little more drastic is another feature Snapchat launched recently the ability for users to keep messages in threads for up to 24 hours. As you will already know, messages were automatically erased after being read. Users will now have the option to turn the feature on in specific chats. The old way of doing things will apply to all chats until the feature is turned on.

Snapchat messages can now be kept for 24 hours and not be automatically deleted after being read. You can turn on the feature for individual chats.

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