How to do a wide body kit

Default Re: What does a wide body kit do? (miskone)

well everbody has their own opinions, but straight flares look like ****

if u can balloon the fenders (which costs a ton to do) looks better, ie the old m3's that had the widebody look stock.

but i have a feelz widebody kit not installed, i would have installed it, but im gonna sell the car. and yes i love handling, and some wider tires do matter if ur trying to take turns like i do. and yes tread compounds of course matter, but sheer surface area does matter a lot.

and i guess race only is a good generalization, but i dont drive on tracks very often, but i like to drive like i do. speed limits are boring, and driving like old ladies is too.

and if ur worried about the weight, then u really need to look towards ur motor and making it produce a litle bit more. cause the weight is there, but unless ur really competitive draggin it and looking to shave every lb u can, dont worry about it. but this discussion will run the course of the function over form crowd, the jdm crowd, and the show crowd. it depends on who u are, what ur goals are. if u like the look, which i do, then do it. i love watching gts class cars, which are all wide bodied cars lol.