How long does a WhatsApp call ring for

The Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp has a call waiting feature that is available for Android users. The feature allows users to see an incoming WhatsApp call even if they are already on a call. If a person tries to call you on WhatsApp while you are already on a voice or video call on WhatsApp then you will receive a notification depending on the call type, without any interruption, and it is your wish to answer or decline the call.

  1. How do you know if someone is on another call on WhatsApp?

    When you call a person on WhatsApp whos already on another call, you will be able to hear a busy tone and a pop-up would appear saying on another call.

  2. When someone is on a call on WhatsApp does it show online?

    When you call someone on WhatsApp or you get a WhatsApp call then you will be seen online because you've opened the app. However, you can close the app and still continue your conversation so that you are not seen active online.

  3. Can someone listen to my WhatsApp calls?

    Since WhatsApp messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted, therefore nobody can see your messages or listen to your conversations.

  4. What is the difference between ringing and calling on WhatsApp?

    While you make a WhatsApp video or voice call to a contact, and if his/her phone or data is off then you will see Calling on your mobile screen. Moreover, if the contact has an active internet connection or is online, then you will see Ringing while you make a WhatsApp video or voice call.

  5. How do you know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp?

    • You will not be able to see the contacts last seen or online in the chat window

    • Updates or contacts profile photo will not be visible

    • Messages that you send to the contact will show one check mark

  6. How do I activate call waiting on WhatsApp?

    While you are on a WhatsApp voice call and receive another call, you will see options on your mobile screen. On the left, there will a 'Decline' option and on the right there will be a 'End and Accept' option.