How do you make a shower rod out of PVC pipe?

This is the story of how I wanted to suspend a shower curtain from the ceiling, and couldnt find any hardware to least in my price range! LOL! Isnt that the story of my life!

Someone once called me a cheap skate, and I unfortunately let that get under my skin a little too much.

I am not a cheap skate!

I will pay top dollar for items that will bring a ton of value into our lives.or that enriches our lives. But if I dont have to spend top dollar, I wont! If you are going to describe me I hope that you choose the terms THRIFTY and RESOURCEFUL, not cheap skate!!

Which brings me to my $2 shower curtain rod. Remember the No Sew Burlap Shower Curtain that I made recently?

No Sew Shower Curtain

I had to attach it somehow, and I definitely didnt want to drill holes into the new tile. I like that tile, A LOT!

Remodeling a shower with tile

I was afraid that I would break the tile drilling into it, and I have zero experience dealing with tile repairs.

I know . I know, I seem to like everything else DIY, why couldnt I fix a tile too?

Not this time, I want to leave drilling into tiles and potential tile repairs to the experts.

This little dialogue is not even necessary because I didnt drill into the tile, nor did I try to use one of those adjustable rods that I used for the shower liner! This curtain is HEAVY and no way would the adjustable rod work when it would need to be fully extended (the space is about 6 ft wide).

Plus. this shower curtain is a temporary fix! Someday we will have frame-less doors installed. SOMEDAY!

In the meantime, we have a beautiful shower curtain rod that I suspended from the ceiling. Holes in the ceiling are so much easier to repair than broken/crumbled tile. Dont you agree?

pvc pipe shower curtain rod

I am getting way off course here in my little corner. That is what happens when I am sitting patiently for our new floors to be installed, I have a dog who is totally freaked out by the commotion and noise and just wants to be held. Meand sitting patiently DO NOT mix!

Focus Shaunna!

I wanted something different for this rod, and I wanted it to suspend from the ceiling. I needed it to be light but durable enough to hold the weight of the shower curtain. I strolled the decorating aisles of Lowes only to find myself in the plumbing aisle staring at these long, glorious, lightweight poles called PVC pipes! I asked a sales associate if I could cut it with Mr. Blue Eyes {aka: my miter saw}, and after hearing the yes that I wanted to hear, I bought it.

pvc pipe shower curtain rod

I originally wanted the rod to be chrome, but after staring at it painted and propped up against our bedroom wall for a few weeks I changed my mind to the oil rubbed bronze look that is slowly making its way throughout the house. It is a good thing that I had all of these spray paint colors on hand. Right??

Back to the $2 curtain rod! I love how easy the PVC pipe was to work with. Painting it dresses it up to resemble wood, iron..any metal for that matter! You have a daughter that wants Barbie pink..go for it. A son that wants collegiate colors.easy peasy with a little spray paint!

Creative ways to use pvc pipe

To suspend this from the ceiling I used Allen & Roths traverse rod bracket. They are normally used horizontally, but they fit perfectly when used vertically also. I just made sure that the PVC slid through the openings of the slot before purchasing them. If my memory is correct, they cost about $5.50 a piece, and I used 3 of them. One on each end and one in the middle.

creative ways to use pvc pipe

Just to clarify.. the shower rod cost $2. The supports were an additional $16.50, and I already had the primer, chrome, oil rubbed bronze and acrylic sealer spray paints on hand. You dont even need the traverse rods! I was originally just going to use large tea cup holders. You can get a packet of those for under $5. Want to get really creative? How about using those blind cord hooks (looks like a T), wrap some cord around and slip the painted pvc pipe through. Your little water lover or fisherman would love this look in their bathroom.

creative ways to use pvc pipe

I personally think that the rod suspended from the ceiling elongates our bathroom, making it look much taller than the actual 8 ft it truly is. Could be my imagination though..what do you think?

How have you used PVC piping in your home? Would love to hear some fresh, new ideas for my home!!


No Sew Shower Curtain

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