How do you know if your Instagram account is deleted

How to Tell If Someone Deactivated Their Instagram

David Johnson
Last updated Jun 21, 2021

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps right now. Users enjoy the app because they can post so many different kinds of media to an audience of their choosing. Users post photos and videos with captions that can enhance the message that theyre trying to convey.

Instagram also has a number of ways that users can communicate privately in direct messages and in private Stories where people of their choosing can view the content that they post. Because Instagram can get a little overwhelming, there are a number of ways that you can take a break from Instagram instead of permanently deleting your account.

Blocked, Disabled or Deleted

If you find yourself tiring of Instagram, there are two ways that you can relieve yourself of your account. Deleting your account is the more permanent option. If you delete your account, then everything that youve posted will be erased and youll lose that username. All of your like, followers, comments, and anything else on the account will be removed. You cant sign up again with that same username or get the account back.

Disabling the account is less permanent and is more fitting if youre just looking for a break. This hides your posts, comments, likes, and profile until you reactivate it by logging back into your account. This hides your entire profile from everyone temporarily, but if you want to target specific people and stop them from viewing your account, then you can block them.

If youre trying to find someones account and you cant see it, theres a chance that they may have deleted their account but this is super unlikely as the same thing will happen to their account when disabled but its a temporary option that can be reversed. If you think someone has blocked you on Instagram, the only way to tell is to ask someone if they can see their account or search them up using another account. If you arent able to do this and you manage to find their profile through their link other via a glitch, then youll see the User Not Found error.

How Do You Know if Someone Deactivated Their Instagram?

Whenever you cant message someone or see their profile, you probably assume that theyve blocked you, but this isnt always the case. There are a few ways that you can tell if someone has deactivated their account.

Ask Someone to look for the persons account

If the person has deactivated their account, then you wont be able to see their profile. If theyve blocked you, then you also wont be able to see their profile, so knowing that doesnt help. What will help, however, is if you ask someone else if they can see that persons profile. Even if the person has a private profile, the other person should still be able to see that they have a profile. If they search for the persons account and they dont see a profile, private or public, appear, then that means that person has deactivated their account.

Create Another Profile

Its quite common to have multiple Instagram profiles, especially with the rise of finstas or fake Instagrams. If you already have another profile, then youre all set, but if not, you can create one rather easily. When prompted to sign in, select the Sign Up option and you can put any information that you want into the boxes. You might want to include a username and password that youll remember.

Attempt to view their profile on this new Instagram account. If you see their profile pop up, then theyve blocked you, but if their profile doesnt appear, then theyve deactivated their account. This is a great method for if you dont want to ask someone to look at the account for you.

Use your Web Browser

If you remember what the exact username of the profile was, then you can use this method.

1. Launch your browser. Any web browser will do.

2. Paste this link in the address bar

3. Once that link is in the address bar, type the username of the person after the slash.

4. Hit the enter key once its done.

5. Youll be navigated to a page that says Sorry, this page isnt available if theyve deactivated their account.

These are the ways that you can see if someone has deactivated their account.

Their Likes Disappear

If someone deactivates their Instagram and they always liked your pictures, one way to know that theyve done so is to check your likes. If their likes are no longer in the liked section on the posts that they liked of you, then theyve deactivated their Instagram account. If you know for sure someone has liked a post and their account is no longer there, then its safe to say that theyve deactivated their account because Instagram doesnt show accounts that have been deactivated.