How do you explain to someone you love them?

How do you explain to someone you love them?

How to tell someone you love them? How about just saying, I love you? More often than not that isnt the best route to tell someone you love them for the first time. Sure, if you are in a seasoned relationship, youre probably going to be comfy uttering those 3 magical words.

But theres a whole lot more to telling someone you love them.

Newsflash Its not just what you say, its also your body language and what you do for them.

Lets get started with easy-to-apply tips to tell someone you think they are super special, in a loving way.

How To Tell Someone You Love Them

*Do you know how special you are to me?

*You send shivers down my spine.

*I feel amazing when Im with you.

*I love accepting you just as you are.

*When I share my deep secrets with you I feel safe.

*No matter what we are doing I always have fun with you.

*Do you need me to help you with anything?

*I get how youre feeling right now.

*Is it okay if I hold your hand?

*Please explain to me how you are feeling so I can understand better.

*Do you mind if I give you a nice big bear hug?

*You are an inspiration to me.

*I love it when you

*Im thankful every day that I have you in my life.

*I am grateful for everything you have taught me.

*You are such a special gift to me.

*When you open up to me that means everything.

*When you show me you are thinking of me I feel amazing inside-out.

*I wont ever take you for granted.

*When I am with you Im just so relaxed and happy, I can be myself.

*I love our comfortable silence.

*When you are smiling I am happy.

*I am so grateful you are in my life.

*I dont care where we are, I just want to be with you.

*I trust you completely.

*Time flies by when Im with you.

*I appreciate you and your encouraging support when Im going through tough times.

*When I hit a life roadblock you are the first person I ring.

*Even when we arent together I still feel connected.

*I love how you make me laugh.

*You know how to make me smile Thank-you.

*I love opening up to you.

*Life chance brought us together-Choice keeps us together.

These are a few effective routes to let that special person in your life know that you love them, according to Tiny Buddha.

Time to dig a little deeper into different ways to show someone you love them.

Here Are a Few Direct Routes to Show Someone You Are Into Them Big Time

One Time to step it up a notch or two in the kitchen and whip up their favorite dish. So when they come home from a long day at work, they will feel the love.

Two Make a point of cleaning for the person you love, in particular the things you know they really hate doing, according to experts at Thought Calalog.

If you know they hate cleaning toilets or washing the dishes, surprise them and get it done of them!

Three If it happens to be stormy cold outside, you should bring them a hot chocolate or their favorite drink and snuggle with them under the blankets.

Four Leave your chick flicks at the door. Let this person you love pick the movie and do your best to enjoy it inside out and backwards if you like.

It is the thought that counts.

Five Give them a ride to work or take them to an appointment. Make the offer and let them know you are there for them. Thats just seriously magical.

Six Make a point of telling them something you love about them no matter how itty bitty it seems. Everyone loves a compliment and when you are telling someone sincerely what you love about them, that truly does mean everything.

Seven Youve gotta bite the bullet and make sure you introduce them to friends and family that are important to you. Dont be afraid to present them to your family and let the cards fall as they will.

When you introduce the person you adore to the people who already know and love you, that says it all.

Eight Invite them to your bedroom if you are ready for that and let them pick which side of the bed they want to sleep on. Even if they pick the side you like, just let them have it. Thats a truly loving gesture.

Nine I dont care how hungry you are for dessert. Let the person you love have a big bite and dont make a big deal about it, even if you really want to eat it all yourself.

Ten This one is VIP. Let them eat the last piece of pizza, no if, ands or buts about it.

Eleven Kiss them all over and dont stop, just because. When you kiss this person on the face, forehead, hair, cheeks and everywhere, you are shouting out with action that you love everything about them and thats really amazing.

Twelve Zip your lip when they are talking to you about embarrassing moments in their life, no matter how much you feel like laughing at them.

Another great route to show them you love them.

Thirteen Focus on kissing the body parts they are self-conscious about. If they dont like their nose, make sure you kiss it plenty. If they think their thighs are fat, kiss them lovingly. When you show them you accept and love them as they are, that means the world.

Fourteen Take the time to tell them a secret nobody else knows. This one is all about trust but when you open up to this person you love and show them you trust them with your inner fears, you are showing them straight up you love them.

Fifteen Be wary when they make a change in their appearance to try and look better. For instance, if they get their haircut or buy a new outfit, its important.

Seventeen Stop and watch them when they are getting ready and let them know what you love about it. Maybe its the way she brushes her hair and pins it up? Perhaps its watching him put on sexy aftershave.

Doesnt really matter, just make it special.

Eighteen Invite them to learn how to do the things you love. Make sure you show them you are patient and understanding. It will take them time to learn and be accepting and understanding if they dont like doing it.

You can always invite them to try something different, no pressure, no worries.

Nineteen Never forget to remind this special person they deserve and you are lucky to have them.

Twenty Just kiss them because you can. Make it unexpected and dont think too hard about it. Often spontaneous is the direct route to someones heart.

Twenty-One Look for the good in their friends and family and make sure you point it out. Everyone has issues with close relations, support them in seeing the positive first.

These are simple straight up pointers to help you show someone they mean a little more to you than just friendship. Figure out what works for you and go for it!

Lets look at a few expert pointers that indicate someone is in love with you!

Little Signals Someone Loves You Inside Out

Pointer One They dont fight dirty. So many couples have a great thing going and it eventually goes up in flames because one or both start to fight nasty. Thats when you take advantage of vulnerabilities, break trust, and hit them below the belt.

Making the effort to fight fair and never dirty is a clear-cut signal someone loves you, according to experts at Huffington Post.

Pointer Two They tell you theyd rather just stay in and snuggle with you while watching a movie and your couldnt be happier.

Pointer Three When you get home from work and tell them you had an awesome day they are smiling inside-out right along side you.

Pointer Four You truly want to be around them all the time and you arent so worried about your space. Thats just magical.

Pointer Five They are concerned with any health issues you might have and are there to listen and support you. Never to belittle you or make you feel self-conscious.

Pointer Six They do get nervous around your friends and family. What does this mean? Well, it means they care what you think and they care what the important people in your family think about them.

Pointer Seven Sex with you is golden. When the opportunity arises ,they arent ever going to say no.

Pointer Eight They understand naturally when youve been pushed past your comfort zone, when youre embarrassed, and they dont push it. They help you get past that awkward moment, no questions asked.

Pointer Nine In the middle of the night theyll put blankets on youbecause they know youll get cold.

Pointer Ten Future talk doesnt scare them. In fact, they initiate it and want to talk about what will be positively, thats true love.

Pointer Eleven They have no issues hanging out or playing with your little sister. That makes them smile and they want you to know they enjoy it and that means everything.

Pointer Twelve In moments of indecision or turmoil, they are completely selfless, thinking just of you.

Pointer Thirteen When you get ticked, they dont get defensive on you. They are worried and want to discuss your feelings like two grown adults Wow!

Pointer Fourteen Regardless of whether or not they agree with your beliefs, they will defend you. Think about it for a minute. Thats a truly honorable gesture in my books.

Pointer Fifteen Weirdly, they seem to enjoy listening to you vent or yap on about whats bothering you. Even if its just a bunch of jargon they cant piece together. Talk about amazing.

Pointer Sixteen When they screw up, when they are wrong, they admit it straight up and let you know they are sorry.

Pointer Seventeen They are always striving to be better for you. They want to make you smile and know if they make better decisions, thats only going to make your smile a little bigger.

Pointer Eighteen They want to know what you think, they want your advice straight up. That says is all because it makes you feel valued and important.

Pointer Nineteen They arent trying to change you in any shape or form. There are so many people that are so busy trying to change people that they lose sight of whats important. When youve got someone that accepts you for you, that is golden.

Pointer Twenty What you think matters and the proof is in the pudding. They will change their decisions to line up with your wants, needs, desires and beliefs.

Pointer Twenty-One Even when you screw up royally, they are totally loving and understanding, they dont judge you.

Pointer Twenty-Two The look in their eyes makes you melt. Perhaps it makes you think of your first crush. Really doesnt matter because if the eye magic is there, its there Period end of story.

Pointer Twenty-Three They are happy to sacrifice for you. Perhaps this means giving up their baseball on Fridays so they can go to the movies with you. Or it might mean they are going to forget about heading out with the boys every Saturday because they want to spend it with you.

Im not saying you should expect this special person to give up everything for you but if they are making changes for you, thats totally awesome.

Pointer Twenty-Four Its not about making someone change, its about reaching deep down and inspiring them. If youve inspired this person, they will love you.

Pointer Twenty-Five There is no complaining when they have made decisions for your best interest. For example, he might have given up his dart game to take you to the movies, and most importantly you dont hear after the fact about what he gave up.

Pointer Twenty-Six They understand whats important to you and will do whatever they can to make sure you get exactly that. Some guys are so much into themselves, they have no idea what is important to their partner.

When a guy makes you a priority no matter what, youve hit the jackpot!

Pointer Twenty-Seven They arent going to make you feel like a piece of crap with the decisions they dont agree with. This one totally sucks when youre on the receiving end. When you have a guy or gal that is willing to agree to disagree and move on with a smile, you win.

Pointer Twenty-Eight They understand and accept your past and are willing to move on positively, no judging, no guilt. This is a hard one because so many people form their opinions of someone on their past.

The past is the past, according to Entrepreneur.

Move forward together positively or dont, its all about choice.

Pointer Twenty-Nine They have the ability to forgive. Everyone thats human screws up and if you are with someone that doesnt possess the ability to forgive, youre screwed. If this person shows you they can forgive and accept, they are showing you straight up they love you.

Pointer Thirty They dont screw around on you. If someone is fooling around with someone else that shouts out loud and clear they dont want to be with you.

Seriously, you deserve and when a guy or gal is faithful just to you, that speaks measures.

Pointer Thirty-One They put you first. This is another tough one but if your man is putting you before themselves, thats telling you as clear as day they want you to be their focus. It really doesnt get much better than that.

Pointer Thirty-Two They love to pump you up because they believe in all that you are. Everyone has their moments of indecision and insecurity, I dont care who you are. When you have someone on the sidelines cheering for you along the way, thats a ginormous signal they love you.

Pointer Thirty-Three They are always trying to make you day a little better. The guy or gal that is looking of the loopholes to make your day a little better, is telling you straight up you deserve.

Accept and embrace it and you will be on top of the world pronto!

Pointer Thirty-Four Making it work together. When your man tries his best to integrate your lives together, thats telling you straight up he wants you in his life for good.

Its a process yes, but an important one. When you are shown that its a priory to make it work that means everything. A clear signal sign that you are wanted.

Pointer Thirty-Five They let you be their sounding board. When a truth needs to surface youve got to have a sounding board and if this person is letting you be their sounding board, they are showing you they love you in their own way.

Pointer Thirty-Six They are okay if you see them cry. This is one of those thing that either happens or it doesnt. If you can see this person cry and be openly emotional, they are showing you straight up they love you.

Otherwise they would never open the door to their feelings.

Pointer Thirty-Seven If you happen to breakup and they cant look at you or talk to you after, they still love you. It simply means they still care.

Pointer Thirty-Eight You have that magical ability to make them cry in a positive way. You know what I mean.

Pointer Thirty-Nine You never feel like you are on the outside looking in, an accessory.

Pointer Forty Regardless of the fact that the intense passion appear and disappears, it still remains.

Pointer Forty-One They dont hide you from the world. This is a big one because if the person you are looking to love forever, hides you from their friends and family, you are in deep trouble.

They should be showing you off to the world; proud you are theirs right? YOU deserve.

Pointer Forty-Two Theyve actually told their mom about you. Holy crap, for some people this is a huge move. Please dont underestimate it.

Pointer Forty-Three They let you know they are thinking about you whenever. Talk about a true endearing moment of love. If someone is telling you they are thinking about you, that seriously means everything.

Pointer Forty-Four They arent afraid to download your favoritesong. This is magical. If someone is willing to download your favorite song whether they like it or not, thats amazing.

Think about that for a minute and reflect please.

Pointer Forty-Five They arent keeping secrets from you, theyre open. When someone is open and honest about their deep and dark vulnerable secrets, that means everything, Bottom line, it means they love and care about you or they simply wouldnt choose to travel down that path.

Final Words

Telling someone you love them isnt always as easy as you might think. When you use these tips and pointers, you open the door of opportunity.

Understand please, there is no right or wrong, you need to follow your gut and use the knowledge you have in your brain to make the best decisions for you.

When you want to tell someone you love them, you need to keep your mind open, use words and body communication, and you will hit the nail on the head.

Believe in you and use what you need to to make it happen.

You will do great!