How do I force delete Facebook app?

You can still run Facebook through a browser if you delete the app.
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There are two ways to access Facebook from your Android-based mobile phone or tablet. You can launch a browser and navigate to the Facebook mobile website, or you can use a Facebook app for Android. If you don't want the Facebook app on your phone or tablet, you can usually remove it through your device settings or through the Google Play store. If Facebook was preinstalled on your Android device, you might not be able to remove it, but you might be able to hide the app.

Remove Facebook Using Your Android Device

Tap the "Settings" icon on your phone or tablet and select "Apps" or "Application Manager," depending on the version of Android you're running. Locate the Facebook app and tap it. Then tap "Uninstall."

Remove Facebook Using the Google Play Store

Tap the Google Play store app on your phone or tablet or navigate to the Play store using a browser on a computer. Sign in to the Play store if you're not automatically logged in. Touch the Menu icon and choose "My Apps." Locate the Facebook app, tap "Installed" and choose "Uninstall" to remove the app.

Hide Facebook If You Can't Remove It

Because Facebook is so popular, some device manufacturers and mobile-phone carriers include the Facebook app as part of their installation on your device. If the app was already installed when you purchased your Android device, you might not be able to remove it, but you might be able to hide it. After you select "Apps" or "Application Manager," tap the menu button. If you have a "Hide Applications" menu option, choose it and then select the Facebook app to hide it from your Apps selection screen.


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