How do I apply conditional formatting to an entire Excel workbook?



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  • Nov 16, 2016
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I'm using Excel 2013 and I'd like to extend a single conditional format rule to multiple tabs or the whole workbook.
If I can achieve this without VB, then even better.

I have results from a web browsing filter, and have one 'tab' for each day. (Thousands of entries)
I'd like to use simple conditional formatting to colour any cell 'red' which contains the word facebook (or any of a few selected words/text).
This will make it easier to brows through the tabs in seconds.

To make it even better, I'd like to use 'data validation', to be able to change the text I'm looking for, at will, however, that's just an added wish list item.

is this possible in Excel please?


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Conditional Formatting only works on the sheet it is on, you can't reference another sheet.
However, I believe the workaround is to define Names in the Name Manager and refer to them rather than sheet names.
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