How can I hide my walls?

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Top 15 Ways to Hide Wall Flaws

Wall blemishes and imperfections are something that you can never get rid of. They are the result of aging and are also caused due to various utilities. But that does not mean that you have to tolerate these real eyesores. Here are 15 clever ways to hide those and make your property look new.

Paint it up
Painting walls is a cheap and fast way to correct wall imperfections. Restore the flaws with a surface coating and then paint. This will camouflage the blemishes. Using textured paints will add to the décor. You can also highlight the wall flaws by faux painting technique. They will render a rustic look to the interior.

Turn to tapestries
Tapestries are a great way to cover up localized wall flaws. Hanging them on the wall adds character and enlivens the interior. This is very easy to do. You can hang it from a simple curtain rod. Or, this may be framed and fixed on the wall.

Create a gallery wall
Displaying an art collage on the defective wall can mask the wall flaws. Take your inner art connoisseur out to organize art pieces with bright colors and textures. Fix them to hide the wall flaws. You may also use a canvas painting with a swing arm.

Paint a mural
Painting a mural helps to conceal the wall flaws and improve the decoration. Murals are a great way to go bold. Painting them, especially, on the fifth wall or the ceiling can make the interior glam. For the rented places, you may use temporary murals.

Hang a mirror
Mirrors are multifunctional. They create a nice focal point; make a room bright, and visually spacious. These can also be used for hiding the wall flaws. Simply hang them on the defective walls and they will change them in an amazing way.

Hang art pieces
Hanging art pieces puts you in a win-win situation. Get something that matches your lifestyle and hang them on the walls. This could be anything from scenery to funny characters based on the use of the place.

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Take advantage of drapes
Draperies are perfect when you want to hide a big area. You can get them in a plethora of bold colors. Hang them from the ceiling to the floor with designer curtain rods. They will create a nice backdrop and can even conceal an off-centered window.

Cover with framed maps
Covering the wall with maps is an incredible way of camouflaging the wall flaws. Pick maps of your favorite places and give them a spin by framing. Hang them on the wall over the imperfections. They will cover those up and make a unique décor statement.

Mount Instagram photos
Maybe you have many Instagram followers. Pick some photos and create a mosaic wall art with those. Try to choose photos of different sizes. This will add life to the collection. You can also make it creative with retro prints. Use them on the defective wall for an improved look.

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Mask with a personalized calendar
Personalized wall calendars offer a brilliant solution for hiding the wall flaws. They also enhance the interior decoration. These can be upgraded every month by loading new photos. You can also highlight memories like anniversaries, birthdays etc. This hack lets you make the blemishes and
enhance the décor as well.

Use wall decals
Wall decals can be used to cover up the wall blemishes and imperfections. These are available in a variety of designs and can be fixed on the walls easily. Pick anything that matches your décor theme and apply it on the defective wall. It will transform the wall into a classy canvas.

Disguise with a bookcase
Books are excellent décor element. They also convey the taste and preference. Build a bookcase and fix it on the damaged wall. This will totally conceal the wall imperfections. Filled with books, this will also uplift the interior.

Use vintage posters
Vintage posters are great décor elements. They draw attention and make the place cool and interesting. They can also be used for masking the wall flaws. Varieties of vintage posters are available in the thrift shops. Get one that matches your décor theme and fix it on the walls to cover the flaws.

Consider wallpapers
Coming in a myriad of designs and colors, wallpapers offer an excellent decorating solution. You can apply them continuously on the walls. This will cover all wall blemishes. Alternatively, you can also use them in frames to cover a part of the wall.

Wall panels offer an excellent solution
Why repair walls when you can improve them? The acoustic felt tiles are perfect for concealing the blemishes. Maybe you are looking to improve your home or office walls. These offer a unique aesthetic solution with an added advantage of controlling noises. These are available in many collections based on their designs. You can pick anything fromFlaps, Planar, Cumulous, Stencil, Bumps, Gravity, Plates, Fence and many more. With a wide range of pattern and color variants, they offer a versatile décor solution.

Meticulously crafted from acoustic fiber and 100 % wool felt, the felt wall panels have a high noise reduction coefficient. No matter if it is your living room or office hall; they can reduce the reverberation and make the interior quiet. Other than the wall, they are also great to conceal the imperfections on the ceiling. Coming inattractive designs, the felt ceiling panels can add a dramatic touch to the ceiling. This enhances the acoustic comfort in the interior. The acoustic felt panels can be customized to match any specific need. Aside from masking the wall flaws, they bring in a luxurious perfection with their soft touch.

Often, reconstructing a wall is not possible due to the cost and other constraints. This makes hiding the flaws the most obvious alternative. The above ideas are affordable and they can also be implemented easily. Try these for impressing everyone with a new look. A big thank you to CSI PoshFelt for sharing these top 15 ways to hide wall flaws!