____ has been used to protect copyrighted material by inserting digital watermarks into a file.

Under copyright laws, maps and architectural plans may be registered as ____. a. pantomimes and choreographic works c. literary works b. artistic works

d. pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works

The two major forms of steganography are insertion and substitution.

How may computer programs can be registered under copyright laws?

What kind of images are based on mathematical instructions that define lines, curves, text, ovals, and other geometric shapes?

Which JFIF format has a hexadecimal value of FFD8 FFE0 in the first four bytes?

Which term refers to a data-hiding technique that uses host files to cover the contents of a secret message?

What type of laws should computer investigators be especially aware of when working with image files in order to avoid infringement violations?

Which type of compression compresses data permanently by discarding bits of information in the file?

What technique has been used to protect copyrighted material by inserting digital watermarks into a file?

Which images store graphics information as grids of pixels?

Which data-hiding technique replaces bits of the host file with other bits of data?

What is the process of converting raw picture data to another format called?

What is another term for steganalysis tools?

A graphics program creates and saves one of three types of image files: bitmap, vector, or XIF.

Bitmap images are collections of dots, or pixels, in a grid format that form a graphic.

Under copyright laws, maps and architectural plans may be registered as pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works/

If a graphics file cannot be opened in an image viewer, what should the next step be?

Examining the file's header data

Operating systems do not have tools for recovering image files

If a graphics file is fragmented across areas on a disk, you must recover all the fragments before re-creating the file

All TIF files start at position zero (offset 0 is the first byte of a file) with hexadecimal 49 49 3B

Which data-hiding technique places data from the secret file into the host file without displaying the secret data when the host file is viewed in its associated program?

What is the simplest way to access a file header?

From which file format is the image format XIF derived?

What tools are used to create, modify, and save bitmap, vector, and metafile graphics?

The Internet is the best source for learning more about file formats and their extensions.

In which format are most digital photographs stored?

A JPEG file is an example of a vector graphic.

Digital pictures use data compression to accomplish which of the following goals?

Save space on a hard drive

Some clues left on a drive that might indicate steganography include which of the following?

Steganography programs in the Suspect's all programs list,Graphics files with the same name but different sizes

Multiple copies of a graphics file

Graphics files stored on a computer can't be recovered after they are deleted

In JPEG files, what's the starting offset position for the JFIF label?

When investigating graphics files, you should convert them into one standard format

Each type of graphics file has a unique header containing information that distinguishes it from other types of graphics files

To identify an unknown graphics file format you need to examine a copy of the unknown file with a hexadecimal editor to find the hex code for the first several bytes of the file

Copyright laws don't apply to Web sites

Which of the following is true about JEPG and TIF files?

They have different values for the first 2 bytes of their file headers

What type of compression uses an algorithm that allows viewing the graphics file without losing any portion of the data?

A JPEG file uses which type of compression?

The process of converting raw images to another format is called which of the following?

When viewing a file header, you need to include hexadecimal information to view the file

Only one file format can compress graphics files

When you carve a graphics file, recovering the image depends on which of the following skills?

Recognizing the pattern of the file header content

What methods are used for digital watermarking?

Invisible modification of the LSBs in the file

Bitmap (.bmp) files use which of the following types of compression?

What methods do steganography programs use to hide data in graphics files?