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EthosLab, known as Etho for short, is an active Hermit who joined in Season 3, and has been active in every Season since, except for Season 6, where he did not play. He is a long-time prolific member of the Minecraft community, having commonly used redstone techniques, and even a block (named the Etho Slab) in 2013's joke Java Edition 2.0 named after his channel. EthosLab is part of the NHO with Docm77, BdoubleO100, and VintageBeef. He and VintageBeef are also members of Team Canada with PauseUnpause, a non-Hermit. He currently has 2,360,000 subscribers.[2] His most viewed video is Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 1: It Begins!

Season 3

EthosLab uploaded his first video on the Hermitcraft server on 3 March 2015 when he toured the server with Biffa2001. In Episode 3, EthosLab participated in the Boom Box competition made by TangoTek alongside ImpulseSV, XisumaVoid, FalseSymmetry, Sl1pg8r and Zueljin.

EthosLab made a medieval style underground base during the Season, which at one point was pranked by the TEA Agency, made up of XisumaVoid and Biffa2001.

EthosLab uploaded his final episode on 29 September 2015 where he competed in a round of ABBA Caving against Zueljin.

EthosLab's Season 3 Episodes [ View List ]
ThumbnailTitleDate Published1Video ThumbnailWelcoming TourMarch 3, 2015More info ⟶2Video ThumbnailGetting SettledMarch 9, 2015More info ⟶3Video ThumbnailBoom Box FunMarch 16, 2015More info ⟶4Video ThumbnailBlasting GroundMarch 21, 2015More info ⟶5Video ThumbnailTreasure HuntApril 1, 2015More info ⟶6Video ThumbnailHermit Holes Mini GolfApril 12, 2015More info ⟶7Video ThumbnailMine Entrance TunnelApril 20, 2015More info ⟶8Video ThumbnailBlast FurnaceApril 30, 2015More info ⟶9Video ThumbnailBase StyleMay 6, 2015More info ⟶10Video ThumbnailInefficient AutomationMay 16, 2015More info ⟶11Video ThumbnailLavafall Catch BasinMay 26, 2015More info ⟶12Video ThumbnailBanquet HallJune 11, 2015More info ⟶13Video ThumbnailThat's Notch'o CakeJune 27, 2015More info ⟶14Video ThumbnailColorful SurpriseAugust 9, 2015More info ⟶15Video ThumbnailABBA Caving /w ZueljinSeptember 29, 2015More info ⟶

Season 4

EthosLab made his return to the Hermitcraft server when Season 4 started in February 2016. He teamed up with friend and fellow former Mindcracker Docm77, and together they built the Danglands - a minigame district made up of games such as Whack-A-Mole, Boat Racing, The Fat Princess and Connect 4. Due to the time zone difference between Germany and Canada, where Docm77 and EthosLab live respectively, the duo struggled to find good times to record and as a result didn't post many videos together. EthosLab would upload his final video in Season 4 on 21 September 2016, where he welcomed another Mindcracker, VintageBeef, to the server. Somewhat confusingly, Etho titled his episodes this season with "S2" because this was his second season on the server; he switched to using the actual season numbers from Season 5 onwards.

EthosLab's Season 4 Episodes [ View List ]
ThumbnailTitleDate Published1Video ThumbnailDoc & EthoMarch 4, 2016More info ⟶2Video ThumbnailEnchantment WarsMarch 10, 2016More info ⟶3Video ThumbnailPvP ArenaMarch 12, 2016More info ⟶4Video ThumbnailBuilding GrooveMarch 16, 2016More info ⟶5Video Thumbnail1.9 Combat TrainingMarch 19, 2016More info ⟶6Video ThumbnailGo-Boat RacingMarch 23, 2016More info ⟶7Video ThumbnailSmooth RideMarch 26, 2016More info ⟶8Video ThumbnailFront EntranceMarch 30, 2016More info ⟶9Video ThumbnailHanging OutApril 2, 2016More info ⟶10Video ThumbnailWhack-a-mole RedstoneApril 6, 2016More info ⟶11Video ThumbnailSpaghetti MonsterApril 9, 2016More info ⟶12Video ThumbnailCleaning HouseApril 14, 2016More info ⟶13Video ThumbnailWeird Fishing GameApril 16, 2016More info ⟶14Video ThumbnailBuild OffApril 23, 2016More info ⟶15Video ThumbnailCrying Then FlyingApril 27, 2016More info ⟶16Video ThumbnailThe Diamond OlympicsApril 30, 2016More info ⟶17Video ThumbnailSliders MiniGameMay 4, 2016More info ⟶18Video ThumbnailConnect FourMay 7, 2016More info ⟶19Video ThumbnailThe RematchMay 14, 2016More info ⟶20Video ThumbnailHorse ParkourMay 18, 2016More info ⟶21Video ThumbnailMaster WingmanMay 21, 2016More info ⟶22Video ThumbnailFat PrincessJune 1, 2016More info ⟶23Video ThumbnailPrickly Pit Of Doom!June 11, 2016More info ⟶24Video ThumbnailFat DesigningJune 23, 2016More info ⟶25Video ThumbnailCapture PointsSeptember 6, 2016More info ⟶26Video ThumbnailGaming With BeefSeptember 21, 2016More info ⟶

Season 5

EthosLab returned to the Hermitcraft server when Season 5 started in April 2017. For this season, EthosLab teamed up with BdoubleO100, Docm77 and VintageBeef to form the NHO (New Hermit Order). The group formed due to them all being friends and previously playing on the Mindcrack server. Together they ventured through the Nether and connected to a jungle far away from spawn dubbed the "NHO Jungle". EthosLab would go on to create his Nexus - a giant redstone sorting system in the jungle. He also teamed up with the other members of the NHO to prank MumboJumbo's base, where they covered it with NHO propaganda. EthosLab would upload his seventh and final episode of Season 5 on 15 July 2017. This is EthosLab's shortest Hermitcraft season to date.

EthosLab's Season 5 Episodes [ View List ]
ThumbnailTitleDate Published1Video ThumbnailSeason 5 Begins!April 13, 2017More info ⟶2Video ThumbnailKicked HardApril 18, 2017More info ⟶3Video ThumbnailDragon MastersApril 27, 2017More info ⟶4Video ThumbnailPortal CheapingMay 13, 2017More info ⟶5Video ThumbnailFrame JobMay 27, 2017More info ⟶6Video ThumbnailThe Mini-NexusJune 15, 2017More info ⟶7Video ThumbnailDisaster EpisodeJuly 15, 2017More info ⟶

Season 7

Main Base

EthosLab's main base is located in the jungle on the western side of the known map. His closest neighbor is XisumaVoid. Unlike the other Hermits' bases, he is building his base from the outside in, adding on rooms and builds to the floor plan, but with no exterior walls to make it a finished structure.

Nether Base

EthosLab's nether base is located at a nether fortress and contains several farms.


EthosLab has several shops in the shopping district. His first store is the Ice Shop, which is located near the Boomers' storefront. It has the Canadian custom of removing one's shoes before entering. His second store is Shade-E-E's, a "subscription service". He held a grand opening drawing of a lifetime supply of free glass, but it was a prank, filling up the empty spaces in their chests with light gray stained glass panes renamed "Congratulations on your FREE glass! xD". He then charged a diamond block to unsubscribe. Now he is offering gardening services, which entail a dirt square with various flowers making an EthosLab head pixel art. This "gardening service", however, also brought a few hives of bees with it, filling the hermits bases with hidden beehives that made a constant, annoying buzz. As a result, Shade-E-E's now also charges for a pest relocation service. Shade-E-E's also offers an incentive in which a Hermit can receive 3 diamonds to sign up another Hermit for a Shade-E-E's service package.

Following this, EthosLab opened a temporary hidden shop, "Sneak-E-E's", which is completely made of shulker boxes so it has a smaller render distance. EthosLab did this in retaliation of the new road access passes put out by GoodTimesWithScar. In Sneak-E-Es, EthosLab sells assorted goodies, but once the shop sells out of inventory, it is moved so that GoodTimesWithScar cannot tax it. The position of Sneak-E-Es was directly above Iskall85's Slime Shop. It has since been moved to the 2nd floor of Threads By Scara, but was then removed from here as well when GoodTimesWithScar found it.

Ethoslab also built a shop on its own artificial island just off the coast of the shopping district, similar to Shade-E-E's, called Brain-E-E's where Hermits could pay a diamond to answer trivia questions, and receive wood logs as well as their diamond back if they answered correctly. Just before the end of the season, Ethoslab built Order-Lee-E's in Aqua Town, which sold shulker boxes containing similar blocks to help with organization.

EthosLab's Season 7 Episodes [ View List ]
ThumbnailTitleDate Published1Video ThumbnailSeason 7 Begins!February 28, 2020More info ⟶2Video ThumbnailThe IceMan Cometh'oMarch 5, 2020More info ⟶3Video ThumbnailWithering SlimeciclesMarch 11, 2020More info ⟶4Video ThumbnailnIce MonstrosityMarch 16, 2020More info ⟶5Video ThumbnailEnd My StoryMarch 21, 2020More info ⟶6Video ThumbnailGoogler? iBarely KnowerMarch 25, 2020More info ⟶7Video ThumbnailStat Poker /w TangoMarch 30, 2020More info ⟶8Video ThumbnailEnchanting SpidersApril 6, 2020More info ⟶9Video ThumbnailNo Theme RequiredApril 10, 2020More info ⟶10Video ThumbnailTNTree Broke GooseApril 17, 2020More info ⟶11Video ThumbnailWelcome to Shade-E-E'sApril 29, 2020More info ⟶12Video ThumbnailSpitty StationMay 7, 2020More info ⟶13Video ThumbnailFREE GLASS!May 15, 2020More info ⟶14Video ThumbnailOpulent GardenMay 26, 2020More info ⟶15Video ThumbnailGardening ServicesJune 4, 2020More info ⟶16Video ThumbnailThug Life BoomingJune 19, 2020More info ⟶17Video Thumbnail1.16 Nether UpdateJune 25, 2020More info ⟶18Video ThumbnailBASE EXPANSIONJuly 8, 2020More info ⟶19Video ThumbnailYellow Shopping GizmosJuly 20, 2020More info ⟶20Video ThumbnailSimple Blaze FarmAugust 1, 2020More info ⟶21Video ThumbnailEtho Be Slabbin'August 12, 2020More info ⟶22Video ThumbnailSneak-E-E's Wither PartyAugust 25, 2020More info ⟶23Video ThumbnailGrace Pass Not FoundSeptember 8, 2020More info ⟶24Video ThumbnailThe Special RoomSeptember 22, 2020More info ⟶25Video ThumbnailGetting Decked OutSeptember 28, 2020More info ⟶26Video ThumbnailEnder Chest Storage SystemOctober 8, 2020More info ⟶27Video ThumbnailSpread The SporesOctober 22, 2020More info ⟶28Video ThumbnailHurtin HermitsNovember 6, 2020More info ⟶29Video ThumbnailVillager HEP HeistNovember 11, 2020More info ⟶30Video ThumbnailAmber MinesNovember 28, 2020More info ⟶31Video ThumbnailWelcome To The RipZoneDecember 11, 2020More info ⟶32Video ThumbnailTurfWars Minigame FinaleDecember 20 2020More info ⟶33Video ThumbnailMeeting And DealingJanuary 6, 2021More info ⟶34Video ThumbnailFinal Puzzle PieceJanuary 31, 2021More info ⟶35Video ThumbnailProgramming Brain-E-E'sFebruary 25, 2021More info ⟶36Video ThumbnailFreewill Is FinishedApril 11, 2021More info ⟶37Video ThumbnailMini Game CrunchJune 8, 2021More info ⟶

Season 8

"The back of the mansion is still unfinished..."
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In Season 8, EthosLab started building a starter base with Iskall85 in a shattered savanna. They built a riptide-enchanted trident travel system integrated into the natural terrain, using simple wooden structures and decorated bridging platforms. EthosLab also told Iskall85 that he wanted to be like an interviewer this season and he was among the first to join the No Wings Club. After reaching 1000 days without an elytra late into the season, EthosLab obtained his Omega Wings.

EthosLab built a moss farm in his first weeks and demonstrated that it returns more bonemeal than it uses. Thus he went on to build many bonemeal-powered farms and connected them all to a control board within the mountain. He also built a shulkerbox-based storage system in the ceiling of the base's nether portal room. A wall of the same room was used by EthosLab and Iskall85 for asynchronous correspondences using signs and chests, throughout the season. After finishing the moss and bonemeal farms room, EthosLab decorated some outdoor areas of the savannah base. Over the coming months, he built the Horse Course along with BdoubleO100 while breeding many horses and donkeys, but the official race sadly never occurred.

Early in the season EthosLab made a special deal with Docm77, for an infinite personal supply of shulker boxes in exchange for giving him the fastest horse on the server (which ended up being a super fast donkey) and doing an "I eat Pupil Poppers" challenge, where he had to wear a curse-bound spider head and eat 1000 spider eyes (which went on for several months). As the season progressed, EthosLab developed a reputation as a big spender thanks to an allowance from Iskall85, and Hermits started to compete to get him as a customer.

EthosLab's approach to the growing moon problem was to be "the quiet kid at the back of the class" and let the other Hermits come up with solutions. He built a honey farm on display in a decorated window, where the bees dance in front of spectators. A few days after detailing around the remaining platforms, the moon strikes the shattered savannah and destroys everything.

EthosLab's Season 8 Episodes [ View List ]
ThumbnailTitleDate Published1Video ThumbnailHermitCraft Season 8 Begins!June 19, 2021More info ⟶2Video ThumbnailBase FaceJune 30, 2021More info ⟶3Video ThumbnailMoss MadnessJuly 8, 2021More info ⟶4Video ThumbnailThe Control RoomJuly 18, 2021More info ⟶5Video ThumbnailDesigning The Horse CourseAugust 21, 2021More info ⟶6Video ThumbnailThe Little ThingsSeptember 2, 2021More info ⟶7Video ThumbnailBack In ControlOctober 31, 2021More info ⟶8Video ThumbnailYes, The BeesDecember 13, 2021More info ⟶

Outside of Hermitcraft

EthosLab records Minecraft modded survivals, redstone tutorials, and his main long-running Minecraft Let's Play series. He has done many series and Complete the Monument maps with Team Canada, such as Diversity 3.


  • EthosLab, xBCrafted, XisumaVoid and ZombieCleo are the only Hermits to have not revealed their faces.
  • EthosLab was an inspiration to many of the Hermits, with XisumaVoid stating that it was EthosLab who inspired him to do YouTube and describing EthosLab and Docm77 joining the server in Season 3 as a "full circle moment".
  • EthosLab's Minecraft skin closely resembles Kakashi, a character in the popular manga series Naruto.
  • EthosLab is the only Hermit to have never been seen using a camera account.
  • The only non-dev easter egg in Minecraft is the Etho Slab in Minecraft 2.0 (april fools joke version that was never made publicly available) which is a TNT slab that upon exploding drops an anvil on the nearest player or mob's head at a high enough speed that it will kill any unarmored player.
  • While EthosLab does not stream, he regularly participates in TangoTek and ImpulseSV's Friday night Among Us streams with other Hermits and friends including PearlescentMoon and Skizzleman.

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