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Water was placed in various locations in the Nether during MindCrack Season 3. In Minecraft Beta 1.9pre4, the enchantment Silk Touch was implemented into the game that allowed players to mine almost any block without it breaking. The enchantment also allowed the ability to mine Ice and in effect place water in the Nether, which is unintended behavior. This was patched in the next update, Beta 1.9pre5. The server was using the latest updates at the time[1] so this gave a very small window of opportunity to harvest Ice. Silk Touch on Ice was reintroduced in snapshot 12w17a for Minecraft 1.3 but the ability to place water in the Nether using Ice was removed.[2]

LocationMemberDescription-426, 122, 362
-554, 122, 234
-554, 122, 490
-298, 123, 490
-298, 122, 234
(5 blocks)EthoEtho spread water throughout the ceiling of the Nether so that water can cover over a wide area below. The central water source was notable for its use as a killing mechanism in his dual Blaze farm.[2][-262,-264],115,[-26,-28]
(9 blocks)NebrisNebris placed the three blocks of Ice[3] near the portal to his main base after he learned of the changes to Ice in the Nether.[4]15, 111, 90NebrisThis was the water fountain in the Nether hub's first extension.Dual Blaze farm
(19 blocks)EthoWater pillars were placed for aesthetics at his Blaze farm.[5][-436,-434], 68, [343,345]
(9 blocks)EthoUsed for his brewing station at his dual Blaze farm.[6]Various places in the NetherVintageBeefSeven blocks were placed on top of his Nether tunnel for protection against fire and the rest spread throughout the Nether.[7]


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